Our first blow out…

…in cloth diapers. This makes me very sad. Of course, it happened right when we were about to leave for church, and Mr. Stinky Pants messed up his church clothes. I’m disappointed that I can no longer brag that he’s never had a blow out since switching to cloth, but at least it’s only ONE. He was wearing a GroVia AI1. I’ve always loved that it’s a very narrow diaper, because it fits well under his clothes. But today the narrowness couldn’t hold the poo inside. In defense of GroVia, he was hopping around in his Jumperoo when this happened. Also, I knew that he would probably poop this morning, so I probably should’ve started him off with a huge all-bum-encompassing diaper.

On a different note, some weeks ago, I bragged about this amazing, delicious polenta dish that I made, but I had completely forgotten to take photos of it to post, until it was too late. Last night, I made the same dish, planning to take photos this time. I forgot again!!! What’s wrong with my mind these days! I know that I haven’t been getting enough sleep, so I’m sure that’s a big part of the problem.

One of these days, I will get that polenta dish recipe with photos posted on this blog. I really love polenta. It’s very inexpensive to make, and it’s so easy too! For someone lacking in the culinary department like myself, dishes that even I can successfully pull-off…you KNOW they’ve gotta be simple!

Since I’m on the topic of polenta, this dish from my friend over at The Fresh Kitchen looks fantastic! I’m hoping to try it this week. Maybe I’ll remember to take photos this time. 🙂

I’ve been slacking again at posting. I’ve mentioned before that my goal is to post every day, but we’ve been very busy around our home this week. I haven’t been able to make it to the gym as often as I should either.

I did get to the fabric store today. I need a couple more supplies before I start on my venture of making my own cloth diaper. I tried to make a fitted diaper out of a prefold a few days ago, and the result was hilarious. I will post photos eventually, so you can laugh at me. But I want to make one decent-looking diaper first, so you all won’t think I’m a complete creative disaster when you see my poor fitted diaper. 🙁 It IS pretty funny looking though, I’ve gotta admit that!

I’ve also been slacking at reading other’s blogs and responding to comments on this blog. I need to rectify that.

You may have noticed that my blog no longer has a “Home” page of my latest posts. I’m still having issues, so currently typing in http://mylifeaworkinprogress.com/ will bring readers straight to the “About” page. It’s a temporary fix, but I’m not sure how long temporary means.

Tomorrow morning, my son goes in for his 4-month check up. I’m a little nervous about that. I’m always nervous going to the doctor, and I’m especially nervous since it’s about my son. He’ll be getting shots, as well. Not all of them (I think some vaccinations are unnecessary), but enough to upset him and upset me. Tomorrow will probably be a rough day in our home.

I will be posting my review on Glow Bug Cloth Diapers tomorrow. They were kind enough to send me a diaper to review, and I’m very excited to share with you my experiences using this diaper! Don’t forget to enter the grand prize giveaway of the Green Family Giveaway. The winner of the grand prize will receive a full stash of Glow Bug diapers!

Current Giveaways on this Blog:

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