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Teether Tugz

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Teether Tugz by Nûby are cuddly and comforting characters that are as fun to play with as they are cute! The different fabrics are soft and perfect for baby to cuddle, while the textured teething pieces at the end of the ears are great for teething toddlers. Teether Tugz are available in three adorable characters: butterfly, rabbit, and elephant.

Teether Tugz by Nuby
A tired little boy recovering from his boo-boo!

As I’ve mentioned before, Baby J loves fluff, as in plush toys. We received the elephant Teether Tugz to review. Strangely, he prefers to chew on the nose than the textured areas on the ears. I don’t think he’s cutting a tooth at the moment though, so we’ll see what happens when he does. He might want something a little firmer to bite on then. I think he finds the bright colors and patterns attractive, because when I hold it out, he runs over and grabs it. Baby also likes to carry/drag it around. The multiple limbs are easy for him to grasp.

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