Merry Fluffy Christmas GRAND PRIZE Packages Announcement! #FluffyXmas

The Merry Fluffy Christmas starts in just two weeks! This will be a huge cloth diapering event, so please come back and check out all the amazing prizes on each of the 45 different participating blogs!

I’m still seeking sponsors for the designated giveaway held on this blog for the event, so if you make and/or sell cloth diapers (or CD accessories), please email me at Thanks! -Elisebet¬†

This year, we have decided to do something a bit different and have two HUGE Grand
Prize package
peek at what will be offered during the event!

 photo GrandPrize1_zpseab0c1ed.png

 photo MFC1_zps46c56d77.jpg

The Grand Prize Package on And Then There Were 5… contains amazing
products from these incredible companies:

 photo GrandPrize2_zps7ef4abf0.png

 photo MFC2_zpsb50ccdf1.jpg
amazing brands and products as well:

      • KRaz¬†Couture¬†(Starter¬†kit,¬†Diaper¬†of¬†choice,¬†wipes,¬†lovey,¬†wet¬†bag¬†and¬†$15
        certificate) $78
      • Imagine¬†(fitted,¬†cover¬†and¬†wet/dry¬†bag)¬†$47
      • Bummis¬†(OS¬†Cover,¬†6
        prefolds and Biosoft liners) $40.95­$52.95
      • Rarpz¬†(2¬†Boo!¬†Nappies)¬†$66
      • Gone¬†Green¬†Mama¬†(2¬†Hybrid¬†Fitteds¬†of¬†choice)¬†$60¬≠$70
      • Moraki¬†(Frosty¬†and
        Christmas Tree Diapers) $66
      • Fancy¬†Cloth
        (Diaper, Bum Balm, Cloth Wipes) $50
Are you excited yet?!

Come back on December 1st to enter to win these amazing prizes
and SO many more!

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