Dinner was delicious/I am so awesome

So I found this polenta recipe online, and I adapted it using the ingredients I had leftover from yesterday’s chicken parmesan meatloaf. The polenta turned out sooooooooo delicious! I should’ve taken a picture. 🙁 You’ll just have to imagine a bowl of cheesy, tomato saucey, meaty, polenta goodness.

I washed my 5 new pocket diapers from Just Simply, and the colors did not run. Not even the black or red one! That was a good thing, definitely. Then I left baby with hubby and a bottle of pumped breastmilk and had some me time. I got my hair cut! Hubby likes it long, but I was tired of it. It was super boring, and just hung there. So I got it cut where it’s just touching my shoulder with lots of layers. Now the big question is whether or not I can recreate what the hairdresser did when I style it. Doesn’t it suck that your hair never looks as great as it does when you leave the stylist?

I have some more fluff giveaways to enter in the next two hours before they end. Until next time! Bye

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