A New Commitment: Fresh & Healthy

After I was married, I determined that I would improve as a cook. I never particularly enjoyed cooking or was interested in it, but I wanted to be the best wife that I could be. If my husband and I were both working, then I would expect him to split cooking/housework duties. But being a home maker is my job now.

For the most part, I’ve kept to my commitment of avoiding processed food. I’ve cheated here and there. I’ve purchased a couple of family-size prepackaged skillet meals, some turkey burgers, and chicken strips, but I have yet to buy Hamburger Helper, Rice-A-Roni, etc.

I want my family to be healthy. There are a couple of health issues on my husband’s side of the family that are usually related to diet and exercise, and I don’t want the same thing to happen to him, me, or our children.

Starting now through the new year, I will focus on incorporating fresh produce and grains in my cooking. Now that Whole Foods Market has opened up in the area, I have a fantastic selection of bulk foods from which to choose. I’d also like to branch out in preparing vegetarian and ethnic dishes.

Of course, I want to eat like this past January, but I decided it was best to start with a shorter, attainable goal to lead into a permanent lifestyle change. I guess it’s kind of like a New Year’s resolution…early.

Have you made any commitments to cooking healthier? How’s it going?

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