A not so Wordless Wednesday: Our first ER trip *sniff*

Yesterday afternoon Baby J had his first ER trip. We drove out of town a couple hours to visit my SIL. After about 30 minutes visiting, Jeremiah looked up at the ceiling fan, twirled around a little, tripped on their furry rug, and fell right onto a large wood Melissa & Doug activity set. His little forehead hit exactly at the top corner of the set, where the edges meet.

Of course there was a lot of blood since it was a head wound! It was running down into his eyes and mouth, and I was trying to not fall apart. Fortunately, my SIL and MIL helped clean him up, and my SIL came with to the ER.

They saw us right away and said the cut wasn’t too bad and wouldn’t need stitches. Instead they used Dermabond, a liquid bonding agent. They sterilized Baby J’s gash, flushed it with water, applied the Dermabond, and then held the flesh together until it sealed. During the process, they wrapped Baby J up in sheets, so he couldn’t move, and he was crying, so I was crying.

Afterwards, we took him back to my SIL’s. He happily played with his cousins and seems absolutely fine today. I’m still traumatized though!

Have you had a similar hospital visit? One that was more traumatizing to the parents than to the child?
After the gash had been sealed with Dermabond “glue”
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