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Here on My Life: A Work in Progress you have the opportunity to win free cloth diapers, thanks to my awesome sponsors!

Never used cloth diapers before? Cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular over disposables due to environmental, medical, and financial concerns. Click here to read “Why Choose Cloth Diapers over Disposables?”

Over the last few weeks, I’ve reviewed several cloth diapers made by the creative WAHMs (working-at-home moms) of Diapers by Chris, Rockabilly Baby, Roxie Harlow, and Poodelum & Missy Kate. These wonderful mamas/entrepreneurs are giving away a diaper or gift certificate code for their store to one fortunate reader at My Life: A Work in Progress!

Diapers by Chris:

Chris began sewing cloth diapers after her daughter was born. Like many of us, she was concerned about the negative impact disposable diapers have on our environment.

In sewing her diapers, she uses fabrics like natural bamboo, hemp, cotton, and fleece. Although she can make perfect-size or newborn-size diapers, many of her premade diapers are one-size, fitting approximately 12-35 lbs. Chris also sells and makes several styles: fitted, hybrid fitted, all-in-one, and all-in-two.

To read the full review, click here.

Diapers by Chris is giving away an AI2 diaper! Winner gets to choose fabric for the diaper from a selection.

Rockabilly Baby:

Rockabilly Baby diapers are the creations of Bri, a long-time WOHM (work out of home mom) turned SAHM (stay at home mom) to two boys. Bri started sewing diapers for her youngest son when he was too chubby for most of the readily available brands. After sewing her own, Bri wanted to share her love of cute prints with everyone. 

In addition to boy and gender neutral prints, Bri sells “a lot of girly diapers, which is super fun for me having two boys.” Bri says the best thing about her diapers is that they are great for chubby thighs!

To read the full review, click here.

Rockabilly Baby is giving away a one-size hybrid fitted diaper!

 Roxie Harlow:

Roxie Harlow diapers are the creations of a SAHM/Etsy Shop Owner/Photographer/Navy wife.

“I got the idea of cloth diapering when I was pregnant with my third child. The thought of two in diapers didn’t sound too good on the bank account. I started my stash with some cheap-o-China diapers, but soon progressed to drooling over the super cute WAHM diapers I was seeing on Etsy and Hyena Cart. Being the DIYer that I am, I decided to hit the sewing machine and start making my own. After a few failed attempts I finally got the fabric combination/pattern that I liked. Soon after making a few diapers for my kids I started getting inquiries from friends and friends of friends. So, I decided to add them to my Etsy shop, and here we are today.”

To read the full review, click here.

Roxie Harlow is giving away this “Wakey, Wakey, Eggs ‘n Bakey” embroidered pocket diaper!

Poodelum & Missy Kate:

“Located in beautiful Bend, Ore., ‘Poodelum & Missy Kate’ began on the far end of my enormous kitchen table with my sister’s borrowed sewing machine.

I’ve always been ‘crafty.’ It’s in my nature. I’ve always loved sewing and creating. But now, absorbing a wealth of information from other know-how, crafty, do-it-yourself-genius mamas, I am striving to become an expert.”

Poodelum & Missy Kate sells hybrid pocket fitted diapers, pocket diapers, all-in-twos, hybrid fitteds, fitteds, fleece soakers, wool soakers, and inserts.

To read the full review, click here.

Poodelum & Missy Kate is giving away a $25 gift certificate to their store!

Entry #2283 Katie A.

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Review: Fitted Diaper by Rockabilly Baby

Rockabilly Baby diapers are the creations of Bri, a long-time WOHM (work out of home mom) turned SAHM (stay at home mom) to two boys. Bri started sewing diapers for her youngest son when he was too chubby for most of the readily available brands. After sewing her own, Bri wanted to share her love of cute prints with everyone. In addition to boy and gender neutral prints, Bri sells “a lot of girly diapers, which is super fun for me having two boys.” Bri says the best thing about her diapers is that they are great for chubby thighs!

Click on Photos to Enlarge:

I received a gorgeous one-size, hybrid fitted diaper to review.

Hybrid Fitted by Rockabilly Baby

Because it’s a hybrid, there’s a hidden layer of poly fleece that deflects moisture back into the attached soaker. The outside of this diaper has a beautiful, trendy knit print. The inside layer that touches baby’s skin is made with soft, cotton velour. Although this diaper must have a cover to be completely waterproof, the hybrid design makes it water resistant.

The snap-in soaker is made with two layers of cotton velour and two layers of bamboo velour. That’s a total of eight absorbent layers when folded over and snapped in!

Inner Layer- Cotton Velour


Soaker- Unsnapped and Unfolded

With the folded soaker, the diaper is about an inch thick in the middle. I found it to be very absorbent!

This diaper is considered one-size but does not have snaps up and down the front to adjust the rise. It features a fold-down rise instead. The regular waist has 12 snaps, and the fold-down rise has 11 waist snaps.

The backs of a couple of waist snaps on each side of the soaker are not covered and do touch my son’s skin, but that doesn’t bother me. Baby J doesn’t appear to find it uncomfortable, and they do not leave marks on his skin.

Fold-down Rise

This diaper gave my son plenty of coverage. At its narrowest point between the legs, it’s about 5 1/2″ across…which is equivalent to the Kiwi Pie fitted diapers I usually put on my son at night.

In the below photo, my son is wearing the diaper on the smallest setting without using the cross-over tabs. It’s actually a little loose like this, so if I were to use the diaper without a cover, I’d use the cross-over tabs/snaps.

5 months, 1 week: 18 pounds

As you can see, my son has plenty of room to grow in this diaper, which I consider a good thing. Since he’s large for his age, I’m concerned he may grow out of some of his diapers early, but I don’t have that worry with his Rockabilly Baby!

The photo’s blurry (couldn’t get him to hold still), but you can see that the fit is a little loose around his legs. My son’s legs aren’t particularly chubby, so that’s not surprising. Using a cover over this diaper on Baby J’s “poop days,” ensures there are no leaks.

No thunder thighs here!

This diaper would probably be very large on a small, young baby or newborn which could be an issue for some, but there are newborn-size diapers available at Rockabilly Baby. Additionally, Bri is currently working on a trimmer-fit, one-size diaper.

Our Experiences with the Diaper:

Because it’s a hybrid, I first put it on my son without a cover. After 3 hours, I changed him. The front half of the soaker was soaked and the inside of the diaper was just starting to feel damp. The outside felt completely dry.

I also tested it overnight with a Flip cover overtop. Twelve hours later…no leaks! My son is still pretty young, and I wouldn’t consider him a heavy wetter. With this in mind, eventually, I may have to use this diaper with a doubler, but that goes for any of his diapers.

This diaper will become even more absorbent over time, since the soaker is made with bamboo fabric. Bamboo blends need at least 10 washes before they reach their full absorbency.

My favorite thing about this diaper is how incredibly soft it is. I’ve talked before about soft diapers, but this is truly the softest, squishiest diaper I’ve felt. I couldn’t wait to try it on my son, and I felt good about doing so. I know he’s comfortable wearing it.

Overall, I would give this hybrid fitted a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. If you’re looking for a comfortable, absorbent hybrid-fitted diaper at a reasonable price, I recommend visiting Rockabilly Baby.

Like what you see? Purchase a Rockabilly Baby diaper on Hyena Cart or Etsy! Check out Rockabilly Baby on Facebook and see available prints!

You could win your very own Rockabilly Baby diaper! Bri has graciously agreed to sponsor a diaper for the Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop, Oct. 25-31. Are you excited yet?

Note: I received a sample product to review. I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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Review: Pocket Diaper from The Bumtique

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of WAHMs (working-at-home-moms). As a mother myself, I enjoy supporting other moms, and as an American, I do prefer to buy American-made if possible. When I came across The Bumtique, Angela was testing out a new diaper pattern, based on customer feedback. I purchased a “tester” diaper.

If you’re not familiar with “testers,” diaper manufacturers will often sell a new design (a tester) at a discount in exchange for the customer’s honest assessments. This is a great way to try new brands.

Angela started sewing cloth diapers for her second child after deciding to live more healthy and more frugally. She quit smoking after 15 years, and sewing diapers became an outlet for her anxiety and stress.

Click on the photos to enlarge
Crossover tabs and snaps for small babies

For my tester, I received a one-size pocket diaper with a hidden PUL layer and a tie-dye blue cotton on the outermost layer. The inside layer (against my son’s skin) is made with a 100% polyester stay-dry fabric, to keep moisture off his skin.

The diaper has snaps on the front of the diaper, allowing the rise to be adjusted to four different settings. The crossover snaps along the waist can be used to adjust the diaper to fit a very small baby. The size adjustability means this diaper will fit most babies from 10-35 lbs., a great money saver.

This diaper did not come with an insert, as Angela was not making them at the time. I was able to use microfiber inserts from other pocket diapers in my stash, without any issues.

I’ve used this diaper for a couple of months, washing about every other day. It’s holding up without any issues. I haven’t had any issues with staining either. Once I had to sun the diaper for a couple of hours, but the stain sun-bleached out quite easily.

5 months- 18 pounds

I’m also able to get a good fit on my son, both through the waist and the rise. I wish I’d been able to get a good photo of the leg elastic around his legs (he was just too squirmy), but it does fit nicely without gaps. I’ve had no trouble with any kind of leakage either. Baby J still has plenty of room to grow.

I wash this diaper with the rest of my stash, and then usually hang it to dry in the sun. I really don’t have any complaints about this diaper. It does the job, and it was a great price.

The Bumtique has prints available that, frankly, I haven’t seen elsewhere. Angela’s most popular print is the ’80s “Rainbow Brite” print. She also sells diapers in He-Man, TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Transformers, Raggedy Ann & Andy, and a Mario print. She has a Star Wars words print that the sci-fi nerd inside me is absolutely loving! To see a list of available prints, click here.

Currently, custom pocket diapers and AI2 diapers retail for $15 at The Bumtique, which is a great price for these nostalgic prints!

The Bumtique sells pocket diapers, all-in-two diapers, fitted diapers, newborn-size diapers, and inserts. Babylegs are also available. The store has free shipping every Friday as well as a referral program. Visit here to see a list of discounts and specials. “Like” The Bumtique on Facebook to keep abreast of store stockings, new prints, specials, etc.

Note: I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own and may differ from that of others.

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