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If you’ve spent any time at all in the cloth diaper community here in the States or Canada, you’ve probably realized that cloth diapers from China are a hot topic. But the fact is that many American and Canadian-owned companies have their cloth diapers manufactured overseas as well (and charge more). In the long run, cloth diapers are cheaper than disposables and more environmentally-friendly. However, in the beginning, there’s sticker shock for many parents I think, when they realize how much many of the cloth diapers cost upfront. It can be expensive initially! Sites like make cloth diapering possible for parents who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

I received a free ShopDiaper brand one-size pocket diaper in yellow to review (see the bottom of this post to find out how you can get one for free too!). The outside of this diaper is made with a waterproof fabric called polyurethane laminated, or PUL. The diaper feels a little thin to me, so I don’t know that it’s something that will last for years. It’s a very inexpensive diaper to purchase, so it makes sense that the quality likely isn’t as high as a diaper that costs much, much more. I’ve washed this pocket diaper several times, and it’s held up so far, but obviously only time will tell. If I do have any issues, I will update this post.

The inside fabric of this diaper is suede cloth. This is actually one of my favorite fabrics to use if I sew cloth diapers myself. Suede cloth wicks moisture from skin, which I really like. My son’s skin seems to be particularly sensitive, so if I use a cotton or bamboo diaper on him, I often end up putting in a strip of fleece or another moisture-wicking fabric, so he doesn’t end up with a rash. I don’t have to add the fleece with this pocket diaper.

It’s a one-size diaper. One-size usually means the diaper will fit most babies from birth through potty training. However, this ShopDiaper brand pocket diaper seemed bigger to me than many of our other diaper brands. I think this diaper would be too big for a newborn, but that makes it a good, inexpensive option for large babies or older toddlers.

The rows of snaps on the front and around the waist are what make this diaper one-size. They allow the diaper to be adjusted to fit your little one.

Shop Diaper brand pocket diaper- Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

Shop Diaper brand pocket diaper- Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

Shop Diaper brand pocket diaper- Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

 Shop Diaper brand pocket diaper- Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

The only thing that I didn’t like about this diaper was the insert. It’s made of microfiber terry, which is good. I find that to be a very absorbent fabric that’ll take a beating in the wash. But this insert seemed thin, and it’s not very long. In fact, I almost wonder if I received a newborn insert. (Now that I think about it, I wish I had a photo of this insert next to a BumGenius insert, to give you an idea on the size. I’m out of town though, so I’ll have to add one later this week…be on the lookout for that!)

For nap time, I’ve been adding a second insert (different brand) to the pocket to make up for the small, thin insert. If he’s just playing inside, I’ll leave in the insert, but change him after about an hour. Sometimes the insert is still fairly dry, but if he’s been drinking a lot, the insert will be pretty saturated. Again though, I think it’s a matter of having realistic expectations for the price you pay (and for me, that was nothing).

ShopDiaper brand cloth pocket diaper- Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress
ShopDiaper brand pocket diaper on 18-month old toddler (12th weight percentile- 22 pounds).

When I received the diaper, I prewashed it and dried it before first use. Per ShopDiaper, during regular washing, the diaper should be pre-washed and then washed in cold, followed by an additional rinse. It’s recommended that you line dry the diaper shell, and tumble dry the insert. There’s a decent FAQ section on their site that goes through detailed instructions on laundering.

If you need a truly inexpensive cloth diapering option, stop by to see what they have. The diaper I received from them currently retails for just $4.99. Cotton inserts start at $4.99 for a three-pack, and microfiber start at $5.99 for three.

ShopDiaper also sells Alva Baby diapers, which are quite popular. I have one Alva, and I’m very pleased with the quality. You can also find toys and baby accessories like bibs for sale on their site.

Now, since I haven’t actually ordered from the ShopDiaper site, I can’t speak for that experience, but I can tell you that the representative I’ve been in touch with has been courteous, and I received the diaper very quickly after our email conversation.

Right now, you can get a FREE diaper with your order of $1 or more. Just click HERE  for details.

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Little Butt Diapers is a line of unique cloth diapers made by a Marine wife and WAHM. Read my review HERE. You could win this Very Hungry Caterpillar pocket diaper (retail value $23)!

Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Review: pocket diaper by Little Butt Diapers

Unique and adorable, Little Butt Diapers are the creations of military wife and SAHM (stay-at-home) mom, Hope.

Little Butt pocket diaper

About Hope:

My husband is a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and he was deployed for the birth of our son. After he returned I was introduced to cloth diapering by a fellow Marine wife; I thought she was nuts! Then, after researching, and researching, and researching some more I was intrigued but still unsure. My husband was actually the one who said just buy some! (He’s probably kicking himself for that 🙂 After I was addicted (it happens to us all!!!!), I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find cute boy prints. So I thought I would start making them! Little Butt Diapers was born! I named it after my son; my husband has called him “Little Butt” since the day he met him for the first time. I started in North Carolina. I’m in Illinois at the moment, and we will be in sunny San Diego at the end of March! I like to think that my diapers are affordable, and I’m proud to specialize in boy prints, with a few super cute girl ones! -Hope

The Diaper:

Hope sent me a pocket diaper in a vintage comic book print to review. This is a one-size diaper that fits most babies from 8 to 40 lbs, because of the rows of snaps along the rise and waist. You can adjust the diaper’s size, depending on where you snap it.

Click on Photos to Enlarge:
Little Butt Small Setting 2
Little Butt Small Setting 1

Smallest Setting

Little Butt Large Setting 2 Little Butt Large Setting 1

Largest Setting

The outside of this diaper is made with waterproof PUL fabric to keep moisture (and messes!) locked inside.

Little Butt Wing to Wing
Vintage Comic Book Print

The inside of this diaper is made with anti-pill micro fleece. Since it’s a “stay-dry” fabric, it wicks moisture away from baby’s skin and into the insert.

Little Butt Inside

The insert is made with 100% unbleached birdseye cotton.

Little Butt Insert

It’s about 13″ folded over, making it more than 2′ in total length. You can fold the insert different ways, making it thicker in the front or the back for extra protection, if you like.

Little Butt Insert 2

The insert slides into the diaper’s pocket to absorb moisture. The pocket is designed so the insert will agitate out during the wash- you don’t have to handle a dirty insert when doing your diaper laundry!

Little Butt Pocket

Our Experiences:

I love the tab design of this diaper- it’s my favorite style! The comic book print is unique and adorable. The diaper is very absorbant, and really, really soft. It seemed stain resistant too. I don’t have anything negative to say about this diaper! I would definitely recommend Little Butt Diapers.

My son is 10 months and 24 lbs. in this photo:

Baby J in Little Butt Diaper

There’s plenty of room to grow!

To learn more about Little Butt Diapers, click HERE  or visit them on Facebook.

Want to win a Little Butt Diaper? Hope has generously agreed to sponsor a prize right here on My Life: A Work in Progress during the New Baby, New Fluff blog hop March 6-20! Stay tuned to enter!

Note: I received a complimentary pocket diaper from Little Butt Diapers to review and was not otherwise compensated for this post. I was not asked to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own and may differ from the opinions of others. 

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