Review: Nuby’s Hot Safe Feeding Spoons

I was sent a pack of Nûby’s BPA-free Hot Safe Feeding Spoons to review, and I have to say…I wish I’d known about these spoons before we started Baby J on solids. The spoons change color if the baby food is too hot!

Before using these spoons, I would have to stick my finger in Baby J’s food to test it or taste it off the spoon. Neither of those is a very sanitary option. All you do is dip the spoon into the food. If it’s too hot (110° F or more), the color on the spoon will fade. When the color returns, the food is at a safe temperature for your baby to eat.

Hot Safe Feeding Spoons- Read about it on My Life: A Work in Progress

The colors vary on the spoons, but they are all brightly colored with a long, easy grip handle. The longer handle is nice to reach into taller baby jars. I made most of Baby J’s food, but I would reuse the jars that we did have, so these spoons are nice for that.

One thing I did notice about the spoons we received is that darker liquids like tomato sauce will stain them. The white of the spoons has discolored slightly. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the spoon though. I’ve also noticed that many of the hot safe feeding spoons for sale on sites are not the same as the ones I’ve received- there’s no white on them. I think maybe I received an older style.

In the short video below, you can see Baby J using one of the spoons. The video doesn’t show how the spoons change color, sorry, but Baby J is just so cute making a mess that I wanted to share! =D

You can find Nûby’s Hot Safe Feeding Spoons at these locations:

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Giveaway: Baby Bullet, 11/1-11/18

Do you want to serve your little one only the best foods, but feel it can become a bit overwhelming at times? This doesn’t have to be the case with the versatile Baby Bullet!


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Never buy baby food for your little one again! This system is incredibly easy to use and the perfect addition to any registry! Not only is it a complete food system, but it also includes a pocket nutritionist that lets you plan a healthy diet for your child.

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Giveaway: Svan Lyft booster seat, 10/23-11/12

Svan Lyft Booster Seat Giveaway! Turn almost any seat into a booster with the Lyft.
This site was not compensated in any way to host this giveaway.

The Svan Lyft is a booster designed for ages 18 months to 5 years. This giveaway is brought to you by It’s Peachy Keen and Svan.

    Kids easily and quickly outgrow their baby products. We spend many hours thinking about what to get, how much to spend, and so much more for such a small amount of time the product is actually used. It would be nice to choose a product not only because it is great quality, but also because it will grow with your child and can be used more than a year! The Lyft Booster by Svan is also easy to take along anywhere you go or visit. It folds up easily and takes little storage space.
    The Lyft is not only designed for small children but also extremely functional and stylish to fit with almost any decor. The Lyft comes with a 3-point adjustable safety harness and arms and legs. It includes anti-slip feet to protect the chair. No assembly is required.
It can be bought at Svan, Amazon, Bed Bath And Beyond, and many more online retailers.
Ages 18 months to 5 years old
It ranges in price up to about 79.99
If you have a child that needs that extra boost, come and enter this amazing giveaway. It’s a product that will surely pay for itself. Svan was kind to let someone experience the awesomeness themselves!
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