What I should be doing… and… am I a coffee addict?

It’s almost midday here, and I’ve done almost nothing. I’ve changed, fed, and dressed the baby; and I just made myself coffee, and I’m sipping it while I watch June Cleaver prance around on TV. That’s about it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but I’m just so tired and have no motivation.

I’m backlogged on laundry. I need to wash clothes and fold the piles of clean laundry. The kitchen needs my attention, and so do the bathrooms. Hubby had to work today, so I’d like to get the place looking presentable before he gets home. I’ve got dinner planned at least, and it will be easy, fast, and delicious. I’m making my scrumptious cheesy polenta bake!

Wow, you know what? As I’m sitting here, typing, I’m starting to wake up. Am I that reliant on caffeine?!

Do you ever have one of these days? When you just can’t get motivated?

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