Review: The Ultimate Free Blogging Planner by Say Not Sweet Anne

Although I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now, I’ve been serious about it (posting almost daily) for about 9 months now. But I only started using a blog planner a few weeks ago, thanks to Mosaic Reviews. And what a difference it has made! I’m not a complete organizational mess for once! I did try using a whiteboard calendar for a while, but Hubby didn’t want it nailed on our wall, so it went from being propped up on the back of a couch, to the back of a chair, to…

Whiteboard Calendar

Yeah, the dry erase blog calendar idea didn’t work so well.

Mosaic Reviews ButtonFortunately, I recently was accepted as part of a wonderful team of bloggers at Mosaic Reviews. For our first review, we were asked to practice by choosing a free printable blog planner from a list and review that planner on our blog.

I chose The Ultimate Blogging Planner designed by Kayla from the blog Say Not Sweet Anne. The planner is 144 pages (72 front and back) and available in blue, grey, teal, pink, purple, and black & white. I chose the black & white, since it’s cheaper to print! I decided to not print it myself, since my printer doesn’t automatically print back to back pages. Instead, I paid about $25 to have it printed and bound at FedEx Office.

All 365 days have already been numbered, and holidays are marked as well. This was a big deal for me, because I don’t want to spend the time writing in each date. Besides, my handwriting is sloppy, so the less I have to write, the better!

There are two versions of this planner. The one I chose has extra notes pages for each week. I like having plenty of space to write any product notes, lists, or reminders in addition to the calendar blocks.

I also like that not only is there a month at a glance section, but each week has its own little section for additional notes. You can even keep track of stats for posts, comments, visits, subscribers, likes, and followers!

Click on Images to Enlarge:
A month at a glance...
No, those aren’t my hands.
May 2 Weeks
Still aren’t my hands

Note: I’ve purposely pixelated sections of the planner to protect personal information.

Visit Say Not Sweet Anne for more free printables, tips/tricks, and crafty ideas!

Do you use a planner? What’s your favorite?

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  1. I loved the Say Not Sweet Anne planner too! I had already printed and had bound my planner before this review was assigned, but if not I would have picked this one. And I *did* pick it for my husband when he asked for a blog planner too! (And I put a bug in her ear about making a less floral option for other men bloggers for next year). 🙂

    By the way, I love your blog background and layout — so cheery!! 🙂

    1. Hi Christephi, Thanks for commenting and for the kinds words about my background and layout! I keep thinking I should change it up, but I spent days looking for the background I ended up using, so I don’t know if I’d find anything else I like so well! A non-floral option is a good idea.

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