Review: Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey

As an official Nûby Mommy Blogger, I have another fun Nûby product to share with you, and this one comes with a giveaway too!

Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey

About the Toy and Our Experiences:

The Tickle Toes Monkey is part of the Nûby Tickle Toes collection of plush toys. Besides being soft and adorable, they giggle at the squeeze of a foot! Measuring at about 9″ high and 9″ from foot to tail, it’s the perfect size to snuggle. Baby J usually grabs Monkey by the tail and pulls the toy around with him, but the hands, feet, ears, and even nose are also a great size for little hands. He hasn’t figured out yet how to make it laugh on his own, but he sets it off by accident when he sits on the foot. At least, I don’t think he knows. Come to think of it, I do hear Monkey giggling during nap time occasionally when there’s obviously no actual napping going on… Anyway, Baby J really, really loves to take it with him from room to room, and “talks” to Monkey on the way.

In fact, Baby J is staring at me right now while I type this. He’s got Monkey by one ear and is banging it up and down on top of another toy.

Tickle Toes Monkey Collage

It’s a really cute toy! Although the label says to not leave a child under 3 unsupervised with the toy, there are no small pieces like protruding eyeballs or a nose that could somehow fall off and be a choking hazard.

The Tickle Toes collection includes a duck, bear, turtle, hippo, alligator, rabbit, lion, frog, and dog.

Tickle Toes Collection

Watch this video to see Tickle Toes Monkey in action:

Where to buy:
The Scoop:

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Giveaway Time:

 Want to win your own Tickle Toes Plush Toy? Click HERE to go to the giveaway!

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  1. all the kids in my family have loved stuffed animals, your little boy looks like he really enjoys it. My grandson Trevor always has stuffed animals around him. so I know he would love it. I like the rabbit and hippo. Vicki

  2. I would love the monkey for my grandson. He is my little monkey and when a toy laughs he giggles and giggles .. I love it so i think he would have a blast with this toy

  3. this is really cute-and would make great gifts for toddlers since those giggles are contagious lol… in addition to the monkey, the dog, frog and turtle would be much loved by my grandsons.

  4. Despite expecting baby number 3, I think this is the cutest toy I have ever seen. If given the choice I would probably pick the rabbit. Plus if the new baby didn’t like it I’m sure my 2 year old daughter would get a huge kick out of the laughter… your video made me laugh and peaked her interest from across the room. 😀

  5. i’m trying to stock up on some stuff for a little girl thats mom wasn’t making the best decisions. she could use some toys. i think the hippo would be perfect. looks like it is the bright pink one.

  6. I love that it giggles! I can see my little daughter laughing along with it! I would love to get them both the turtle and the hippo!

  7. These are so adorable and I love that it giggles too!! I would choose the monkey or rabbit!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

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