Review: Indestructibles- books built for the way babies read

I purchased two “Indestructibles” a few weeks ago for my baby boy. Invented by a mother of triplets, these books are “built for the way babies read,” with three specific claims: they are waterproof, tear resistant, and baby durable.

I was curious to see if the books lived up to the hype, and they did! My son can crumple them, toss them, and gum them without destroying the books at all!

Here are the books about a week and a half after regular use by my 6-month old. I smoothed them out a bit by hand, but you can still see they’re slightly crumpled but intact.

Click on Photos to Enlarge:
Inside pages

I tried to tear the page but wasn’t able to.

I tried tearing the page right above the “Nontoxic” print.

I also tried wetting one of the books under the faucet. The water just bounced off the page and never soaked through. I checked back about 30 minutes later, and the page was completely dry.

Here’s an action shot!

Can’t be destroyed by my baby!

My son loves playing with his books. The pages and artwork are bright and colorful. They capture his attention, and eventually he’ll figure out how to turn the pages on purpose. =D

Do your children have Indestructibles? How have they held up for you?

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  1. My son loves these books too! The artwork is simply stunning. They are so lightweight and fit easily into any diaper bag for trips out and about.

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