NEW Bugaboo Cameleon3 and Baby Jogger strollers galore! Pre-order now available.

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The new Bugaboo Cameleon3 stroller as well as several 2014 Baby Jogger strollers are heading to Pish Posh Baby this February! As of today, pre-orders are available. Check out the line up below! I’ve posted a little blurb about each stroller, but to see all the details, click the links. They’ll open up at Pish Posh Baby.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 2014 is my favorite. Which is yours?


Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic
Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic

Already available in Europe, Pish Posh Baby is rolling out the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic Collection stroller. This nostalgic stroller mixes the classic baby buggy look together with modern comfort. Available in Navy Blue or Dark Khaki, this stroller is versatile, light, and compact.

Baby Jogger

I’ve mentioned the Baby Jogger stroller line before when I’ve talked about finishing the year right and setting fitness goals for 2014. If you’re the parent of a baby or young child, I highly recommend a good jogging stroller for walking, running, and any kind of off-road terrain (sand at the beach, gravel, etc.). This has made a difference in my health.

Baby Jogger is a versatile line of strollers. Some are built specifically for running with your little one, while others are more compact and well suited for urban lifestyles. All of them are available in multiple colors, so if you don’t like the color pictured below, check out the Pish Posh Baby website to see the others.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2014
Baby Jogger City Mini 2014

Designed for the city or the suburbs, the Baby Jogger City Mini 2014 features a patented Quick-Fold Technology, swivel front wheel with the ability to lock into place, padded reclining seat, large multi-position sun canopy, and more. With a lightweight design, this stroller is easy to maneuver and store for on-the-go parents.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2014
Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2014

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2014 has a weight capacity of 100 lbs, so it’s easy to carry your two children in comfort and style. Like other Baby Jogger strollers, it features Quick-Fold Technology, allowing you to fold it with just one hand.

City Mini GT 2014
City Mini GT 2014

Like the City Mini, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2014 is also great for urban environments, but has a few more upgrades and features, making it ready to handle more rugged terrain.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double 2014
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double 2014

Of course, the more rugged City Mini GT also comes as a double stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double 2014. Check out the brand new teal color! The single City Mini GT is available in teal, as well.

City Mini 4 Wheel 2014
City Mini 4 Wheel 2014

This year the Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel 2014 has been updated with a new logo, new color, and an improved harness. Weighing less than 20 lbs itself, the lightweight City Mini 4 Wheel can carry up to 65 lbs. Recline the seat until almost flat to let your baby rest. Like other models, the retractable weather cover can be used during adverse weather.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2014
Baby Jogger City Elite 2014

With a new logo and a new harness, the Baby Jogger City Elite 2014 is better than ever. Grey has also replaced the sand color (see above). The swivel front wheel locks into place when needed, while the 12″ quick release tires navigate rough terrain smoothly. The soft handlebar console has multiple storage compartments.

 photo CitySelectSpecifications_zps65cafcfd.jpg

The Baby Jogger City Select  2014 might be the only stroller your family will ever need. Attach a bassinet for babies, remove the bassinet as your child grows, and add a second seat when your family expands.

Baby Jogger FIT 2014
Baby Jogger FIT 2014

It’s built for speed! The Baby Jogger FIT 2014 has 16″ quick-release wheels, hand caliper brake, padded reclining seat, and a sun canopy with peek-a-boo window. The padded adjustable 5-point safety harness and rear parking brake will help keep your little one safe on your excursions. An infant car seat adapter is available for separate purchase.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 2014
Baby Jogger Summit X3 2014

My favorite from the new line-up, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 2014 has an all-wheel suspension and remote swivel lock for the front wheel! Like the other Baby Joggers, this stroller still features the patented Quick-Fold Technology to fold in just one step. There are hand-operated rear drum brakes, and a rear parking brake. Like the FIT, the ergonomic handlebar has a wipe-clean grip.

Visit Pish Posh Baby to see the exact specifications for each of these strollers. Don’t forget, you can speak to a Mom Rep through live chat or on the phone, if you need help or have a question.

Which stroller was your favorite? What feature did you like?

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Is 30 really the new 20?

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My little family- November 2013. Courtesy of Emily Knight Photography

On Friday, I will turn 30. I’ve actually been debating telling people I’m 28, because I haven’t accepted yet that I’ll no longer be a “20s something.” I hear people talk about aging gracefully, but I’m not ready to age! I will not go quietly into the night!

At 20 years old I was tan, unmarried, and considerably thinner. The world was at my feet. Or that’s how I thought at the time with my youthful arrogance.

Now I’m a wife and mother, and I haven’t yet accepted this new identity. Heads don’t turn when I walk into a room. Men don’t “check me out” when I’m juggling my flailing shrieking toddler in one arm and digging for my keys with the other. Teeny boppers standing at the clothing racks next to me give me this disgusted look. I can read their minds: “You’re so OLD. You’re too OLD to shop here. Gross.”

I realize, of course, that it’s okay to be a mother and wife, and it’s okay to be 30. It’s wonderful and beautiful to be these things. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it yet! Most days I do, but not every day. Not when I’m facing the big 3-0 this week.

But I am learning to focus on new things, as I “find” myself. There’s a wonderful little community of moms here in the area that I’ve met, both from church and other Navy wives. They’ve been a real encouragement to me as we meet up for play dates, etc. And I try to be encouraging to them as well, if they need it.

With the help of an awesome friend and running buddy, I’m training for a half marathon in April. I’d like to do a full marathon after that. I ordered the Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD program (don’t laugh!!!!!!) to tighten, well, everything. I’ve cracked down on not only how much I eat but what I eat. I try to make healthy, nutritious meals for my little family.

And wouldn’t you know as I’m typing this, an iCal Alert pops up on my laptop screen in front of my face. Just in case I forgot it was my birthday on Friday, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday to me!

I may not have the body I did 10 years ago, but I can take good care of the one I have now. I try to dress the one I have now in clothes that flatter my shape and age. And I finally went to see a doctor about my adult acne. Now that I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding, I can take medication for it. I’ve also started using StriVectin-SD cream on my forehead wrinkles.

StriVectin-SD was created as a stretch mark cream, but somewhere along the way, it was discovered that it helps with wrinkles. It works too! I’ve used it in the past and noticed results after a month, but stopped when it made me break out a little on my forehead. Now that I’m taking the acne medication, I thought I might as well start using StriVectin-SD again. I’m taking some before pictures, and then I’ll take some at 30 days, so I can show you the results!

My mom wasn’t using her tube of StriVectin, so when I was there for Thanksgiving, I totally stole it. =D (Okay, I told her I was doing it, so not really stealing.)

When I used StriVectin in the past, there was only one or two kinds available. Now the brand has numerous products. With a coupon, you can purchase a StriVectin Gift of Discovery 3-piece kit at for $35.95.

When your purchase from, you can get points back on your purchase (BE Perks). Besides shopping rewards, they give out free samples and have free shipping in the domestic US for orders $60 or more. So it’s a pretty cool site! They sell all kinds of products, including sunblock (very important for any age!), fragrances for women, flat irons, makeup, and bath accessories. They even have the Batiste brand of dry shampoos- my favorite!

I believe it’s important to take yourself, inside and out, no matter your age. For me that includes attending church services, learning more about God and fellowshipping with others, and doing my personal devotions and praying regularly. It means exercising and eating a mostly whole foods diet (except for flavored coffee creamer…that’s my one vice…I love the stuff, even if it’s not even real cream!). Staying positive and keeping busy is also a part of it, especially since my husband lives away from us right now (out of state Navy training). And for me it also means regularly putting on makeup and styling my hair, even if I don’t feel like it!

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wake up Friday morning and realize that nothing has really changed…and then I’ll be okay. 🙂

Have you ever faced a mini “identity crisis” or a birthday you weren’t thrilled about?
Note: I did receive compensation for this post. However, the opinions expressed above (and there are many of them) are my own. They may differ from your opinions or the opinions of others.
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My Navy ball woes and where I should’ve gone dress shopping


This post was written by me on behalf of All opinions are my own.

Before my husband and I started dating, he asked me to attend the Navy Ball with him. Well, I didn’t take him seriously. After all, his non-romantic invitation was literally a casual text message that said, “Hey, you should go to the Navy Ball with me.” Now I realize he was just shy and didn’t want to get shot down! We got together shortly after that, but I never did go to the ball with him.

The second time the Navy Ball came around, J was deployed. And then the third time, I didn’t want to go, because I still had an extra 20 pounds or so that I’d gained while pregnant. I assured J that the next time, we would finally go to the ball together. That brings us to this fall. In September, just a few weeks before the ball, I started dress shopping. The thing is I was hesitant to buy from any of the local stores. The last thing I wanted was to show up in the same dress as someone else. Especially if she looked better in it, right??? And I also wasn’t happy with the prices of the dresses I was seeing. I tried thrift stores and found some nice dresses, but they weren’t nice on me.

The first key is to know what type of dress flatters your body type. The Internet is full of quizzes and diagrams that are supposed to show you at the end what body type you are. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been frustrated that you don’t fit into any one “body type.” But I’ve been shopping for enough years and tried on enough clothes, that I have a good idea of what styles are going to be flattering and what aren’t.

The next important thing when shopping for formal dresses, is finding a store that has a large inventory of dresses, so you can find those flattering styles, and there’s also no worry you and someone else at the party will be dressed the same!

Finally, find a store that has affordable dresses within your budget.

Next year, I’ll be looking at DressFirst. They have more than 1,000 styles of dresses available. That includes wedding dresses, LBDs, and prom dresses. Since I want more children in the near future, I was happy to see a quick search of their site brought up almost 60 maternity dresses.

If you like a particular style of dress, it’s probably available in several colors. The sizes at DressFirst run from 2 to 26W. You can click on the size chart to see what size you would need, but I also noticed some dresses have exact dimensions listed right above the “Add to Cart” button.

The prices vary according to the detail on the dresses, but they also have a sale section. There’s also an “Under $100 Section,” but when I clicked on the link some of the dresses were not actually under $100. Hmmmmm. They were close though. Perhaps it’s because I had the site set to US currency? There were a lot of dresses around $80 to 90 that were really cute! They look too short for the Navy ball, but they’d definitely be great for holiday parties.

Below, I’ll show you my top five picks for a Navy ball dress. Each of these dresses is between $100-150. (In case you’re not used to shopping for formal dresses, these prices are reasonable!) All of these dresses are available in other colors.

 photo blackandwhite_zpse8bc004c.jpg

 photo Purple_zps6a4539ca.jpg

 photo blue_zpsa6ef423f.jpg

 photo red_zpsd5f4afc7.jpg

 photo Purpletwo_zpse25bdcd6.jpg

PayPal is accepted at, as well as major credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and Western Union. There are a variety of world-wide shipping options available.

So did I ever make it to the Navy ball?

Nope. Trying again next year. I know now (too late) that dress shopping doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful.

What’s your favorite dress from the photos above? Or what’s your favorite dress from DressFirst?

Note- I was compensated for this post, but the opinions are my own and may differ from yours or the opinions of others.

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