Review: Stoplight Golight Timer

Created by two sisters and mothers, the Stoplight Golight by BeeZee Kids, Inc. is a fun, simple-to-use, innovative timer. It’s geared towards moms and kids, but can easily be used by anyone.

Stoplight Golight with Cord

It’s an easy concept for teaching time management- red means Stop; green means Go! The Stoplight Golight can be used for many things, including:

  • bed times/ wake times
  • nap times
  • brushing teeth
  • timeouts
  • reading
  • TV time
  • practicing an instrument
  • and more…!

The timer has an optional audible alarm. This makes it perfect for timing things like reading sessions. Perhaps you’d like to encourage your kids to read even longer than their scheduled time? If they’re engrossed in their books, they may not even notice the red light; but the alarm would definitely distract them. Having the ability to turn it off is invaluable.

The Stoplight Golight comes with a set of detailed information and instructions.

 Stoplight Golight Buttons

The timer comes with an engage button on either side that must be held down while pressing any of the top buttons. This functions as a child-safety feature when setting the timer. Only one of the engage buttons needs to be pressed.

Stoplight Golight Engage Button

Stoplight Golight Red Light

Stoplight Golight Green Light

The yellow light is purely ornamental. Courtney and Whitney, the makers behind the Stoplight Golight, decided the yellow light would drain too much power from the batteries, and they wanted the timer to be mobile, if needed.

Our experiences:

When asked to review the Stoplight Golight, I knew immediately what it would be perfect for: potty training. Now, I know what reaction the majority of people have when I tell them I’m putting my 8 month old on the potty twice a day…but at this point- it’s just orientation not training. I’m getting him used to sitting on his potty as part of his regular schedule, and this timer helps me do that.

Baby J Stoplight Golight

Right now, Baby J sits on the toilet for five minutes at a time. I give him toys, sing or read to him…basically do whatever I have to for him to stay occupied and happy. Instead of messing with my iPhone that he constantly tries to grab, I just place the Stoplight Golight timer on the counter, set it, and we’re good to go! If I’m using the battery option instead of the AC adapter, I’ll even let him hold it. As Baby J grows older, and we progress with the potty orienting, I’ll teach him to watch the timer or listen for the alarm.

The Stoplight Golight would be great for the classroom too! Eventually I plan to return to teaching, and a timer like Stoplight Golight is invaluable with its silent or audible, and battery or power options.

It’s a fun, useful teaching tool, and it’ll grow with my son. I’ll have more learning opportunities for him as time goes by.

Want to learn more? Visit BeeZee Kids, Inc. To keep up to date with Stoplight Golight news, check them out on Facebook!

What are some ways you could incorporate a Stoplight Golight into your family’s routine?

Note: I received a complimentary Stoplight Golight from BeeZee Kids, Inc. to review and was not compensated for this post. I was not asked to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own and may differ from opinions of others. Affiliate link present.

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