Introducing The Fresh Kitchen

Before I was married, I had zero interest in cooking. At one point I even lived in an extended stay hotel months at a time for work. Instead of using the room’s stove top, I pretty much lived on takeout everyday. But then I had Baby J, and we made the decision for me to stay at home with him, at least until he’s in school (unless we homeschool, but that’s another story). Home cooked meals became part of the “job” for me. I wanted to prepare healthy meals for myself and my family, and meals that taste good. I still use ingredients like sugar and butter, but our diet consists of 90% (or higher) unprocessed* foods.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend Nicole Elizabeth launched her revamped site, The Fresh Kitchen. Over the last couple of years, she’s really helped me to become a better cook. These are the three things I love the most about her site and recipes:

  1. She breaks down the recipes for everyone to understand.
  2. Her recipes are from scratch.
  3. She takes decadent, fancy-sounding foods and makes the recipes approachable for home cooks.

Here are a few screenshots from her site:

Looks amazing, doesn’t it?! If you’re interested in not just recipes but learning how to be a better cook, I encourage you to check out Nicole Elizabeth’s site, today!

*When I talk about processed foods, I’m not including items like milk, butter, roasted nuts, canned fish, oatmeal, or frozen veggies. All of these are PROCESSED but still good for you. When I say processed, I mean store-bought crackers, chips, breads, frozen meals, most cereals, Hamburger Helper type meals, etc.

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