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Review: Cloth Wipes and Ruby Moon Wipe Bits

*Updated Dec. 27, 2012

When I decided to cloth diaper, it seemed a no-brainer to use cloth wipes as well. In fact, I’m surprised when I occasionally hear of cloth diapering parents still using disposable wipes. After using, cloth wipes can be dropped straight into the diaper pail or wet bag along with the diapers, and then washed and dried together. Simple and inexpensive, no?

When I started, I wasn’t sure what kind of wipes solution I wanted to use. Some parents use plain water. Some parents buy pre-made wipes solution, and others make their own. Zany Zebra Designs has put together a great list of Cloth Wipe Solution Recipes. Reading some of the “natural” ingredients listed in wipe solution recipes, I was hesitant about choosing one. Even some natural ingredients can cause cloth diapers to repel moisture instead of absorbing. When in doubt, contact the manufacturers of your cloth diapers and ask them. Some babies can also develop a rash from the ingredients you use.

Initially, I used a simple solution of water with some witch hazel. My son never had a rash with it, but I also didn’t think I was getting him clean. After looking around online, I decided to try Ruby Moon’s Wipe Bits.

When I first opened this package, the wipe bits smelled so delicious, I wanted to rub them all over my body. No joke. I actually go into the laundry room throughout the day, just to smell them.

Hubby, on the other hand, does not like the smell of these, so it just shows that everyone has different tastes.

These wipe bits are made with goat’s milk soap and fragrance, and are easy to use. Drop 1 bit into 1 cup of hot water. I usually just pop a coffee mug filled with water into the microwave for a couple of minutes. If you do this, be warned…coffee mugs can be messy to pour. I learned this. Also be careful to not handle the solution while it’s still hot! I also learned this.

1 wipe bit to 1 cup of water

Once the wipe bit has dissolved, you’ll want to go ahead and pour the solution into your case while it’s still a little warm. If you wait too long, the soap will congeal, and you’ll have to heat the water again. If it looks like the soap is clumping together on the bottom, stick a spoon in and stir.

Some parents put their solution in spray bottles and use dry wipes with it. They can just spray the dry cloth or spray their baby’s bum. This is usually what I do for on the go (with a travel-size spritz bottle), but you can also just stick already wet wipes into a travel wipes case. I now wet wipes ahead of time and place into a travel wipes case. I found this to be easier when cleaning up messes on the go.

For at home, I place about 20 cloth wipes in our wipes warmer and pour the wipe bits solution over the wipes.

The first time I did this, I poured the solution just on top. Eventually, the solution did saturate the wipes all the way down to the bottom layers in the warmer, but they were never as wet as the top wipes. Since then, I split the wipes in half while adding solution. I pour half the solution over the bottom half of the wipes. Then I place the rest of the dry wipes on top of the wet ones and pour the rest of the solution over the top.

Every couple of days, in between adding new wipes and solution to the warmer, I flip the top of the warmer up and let it dry completely. This is to ensure I have no issues with bacteria growing in the warmer.

All the above may sound like a lot of work, but, honestly, it doesn’t take me long at all to do.

I was concerned at first that my son would be too soapy and that the wipe bits solution would leave a residue on his skin or irritate it, but this hasn’t happened. The wipe bits do a wonderful job of cleaning him; he always smells clean afterwards, even after his messiest messes! I’ve never felt residue on his skin left from these wipe bits. If you do feel that these bits are too strong, you can always add more water than 1 cup.

He’s never had irritation either, and I even use these wipes to clean his face! Now that’s not to say that your child may not experience sensitivities to these wipe bits. Unfortunately, every child is different in this aspect, but these bits are certainly gentler than disposable wipes.

Don’t use cloth wipes for diapering? You can still use wipe bits for wiping faces, washing hands, etc.

Want to give them a shot? Unfortunately, last time I checked Ruby Moon’s Web site, it looked like they were out of their wipe bits, but you can find them at the Cloth Diaper Outlet, $6.95 for a 5 oz. package.

Want to make your own solution? Visit Zany Zebra Designs’ recipe list here.

Note: This post contains affiliate link. I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own.

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