Review: GroVia All In One Diaper

I have the fantastic fortune of living only about 15 minutes away from Diaper Junction! Considering my new-found addiction for fluff, my husband doesn’t think it’s such a good thing though! In all seriousness, this is a great little store that sells a plethora of fantastic natural mommy and baby items, both in-store and online.

Earlier this week after browsing through several all-in-one style diapers I picked up the GroVia All In One. Here’s my experience using it:

The first thing I noticed about the GroVia AI1 is that it felt incredibly comfortable, inside and out. The outside of this diaper is a soft layer of water resistant TPU instead of the typical plastic-feeling PUL. Look how cute the print is! All of the GroVia prints and colors are bright and fun.

The inside is made with 80% organic cotton, and after feeling how soft and smooth it feels…I never want to put a disposable diaper on my son again!

Besides the attached soaker, a snap-on soaker is included for heavy wetters or overnights.

Leg gussets are vital for a skinny guy like mine! Because the inside is made of organic cotton, this diaper has to be prepped appropriately to ensure absorbency of the fabric. I washed and dried the diaper five times, using Rockin’ Green detergent (cloth diaper safe). This diaper took longer to dry than my microfiber pocket diapers do, but that’s to be expected with an all-in-one diaper.

Now for the real test:

The diaper was easy enough to fasten on my 3-month old, even though I’d never used side snaps before. I love, love, love how trim this diaper is on my skinny boy. He weighs 16 pounds, but it’s spread out well. All of his diapers, except for the GroVia, are bulky on him. There are 3-snap settings on this diaper, enabling a baby to wear this from around birth to potty training (10-35+ pounds). I snapped the smallest size on him, and that seemed to fit well.

My plan was to leave this diaper on my son for his midday three-hour nap to see how it would hold up. Well, he had other plans. He explosively tested this diaper, and I can confidently say that it holds the mess in! Since he’s prone to blow outs, I was very pleased.

His own test led to my testing the diaper a different way…stain removal. How easy would it be to get the stain out? After sending the diaper through my laundry routine (rinse, wash, rinse), the stains were still there, so I set the diaper outside on a drying rack in the sun. By late afternoon, the stains were gone!

I tried my original test over, and he spent about four hours in the diaper, including his nap time. When I took the diaper off, the diaper itself was soaked, but my son felt surprisingly dry considering that cotton does not wick moisture away from the skin like microfiber does.


  • Easy to use
  • Daddy friendly
  • Trim
  • Absorbent
  • Cute!


  • Long drying time

All in all, it’s a great diaper, and I will be reaching for it regularly!

*Disclaimer: I was given store credit to mention Diaper Junction in this post. The opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links present.

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