Memorial Day and vacation

I’m on vacation! Okay, it’s not exactly “vacation,” because I’m a mom. But it’s a change of scenery, anyway! We’re in the lovely Myrtle Beach, S.C. area. Hubby couldn’t make it due to work, so Baby J and I are here with my inlaws.

Just a quick update on my technology situation. I’m typing this with my iPad, which is a bit laborious. We took my kaput laptop to the Apple Store. They ran a diagnostics and couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but as soon as we got home, the screen started flashing, and the computer kept saying to reboot (over and over). I left the laptop with Hubby to see what he could do…again.

We spent Memorial Day at Colonial Williamsburg. It’s usually around $40 for an adult ticket, but Hubby and I got in free this weekend. Colonial Williamsburg often gives free admission on National Holidays to military and their dependents, which is neat. Have you been there? I love their art museum! They have a “foundling hospital” exhibit, which I think may have been added within the last couple years. I don’t remember seeing it before. It was sad. Women unable to take care of their babies would bring them to the foundling hospital. During a period of around 15 years, they were only able to accept 200 babies a year, because of a lack of funds. Moms would draw a ball from a container. If it was white, they could leave their child. If black, the child couldn’t stay. Almost two thirds of the babies left there during a ten year period, died. I didn’t see why listed anywhere, but I’m assuming illness. I believe smallpox was the only vaccine available at the time, so illnesses would have been rampant.

I wish I could give more info on dates, etc. I had to rush through quickly, since it was late in the day, and Baby J was getting fussy. Hopefully, I can learn more later.

If you get the chance to go to Colonial Williamsburg, you should. The living history there is amazing!

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