Maybe, because I had 2 today instead of my usual 1, and then I felt kind of sick for hours.

So I went to the gym today, and then I ate pizza. Because gym cancels out pizza calories. Duh! It was delicious pizza. If ya’ll don’t have a Papa Murphy’s where you live…you’re missing out.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I joined a gym. The baby weight just isn’t coming off fast enough, and I just want to be healthy. Planet Fitness had a fantastic deal going on (at least I thought it was fantastic) for $99 a year, no sign up fee. I think it ends tonight.

Who came up with the phrase “baby weight” anyway? Is that just supposed to make us feel better for pigging out during pregnancy and putting on too much fat?

Let’s see, my mother in law is awesome. She read my trifle post and saw that I didn’t have a glass bowl to put my trifle in. So she and my brother in law bought me one! One big, beautiful glass bowl and several smaller bowls came in the mail today as an anniversary present. I need to make trifle again and update my post with better photos.

Hubby is home all weekend and Monday. I’m so excited about this! I’m hoping we can finally make it to the local farmer’s market tomorrow!

Let’s see, what else is going on…

I’m working on my new blog page. I’m moving to a self-hosted WordPress site. I’m hoping to have it up and running this weekend, definitely by Monday morning, but we’ll see. I still have to export some specific posts, and it’s also taking me quite a while to get a background and theme together that I like.

Next month is going to be awesome! There’s a lot going on at this blog, and I’m really excited about it!

And that’s it until tomorrow!


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