Unique and Multipurpose- The Mombo Nursing Pillow and Infant Positioner

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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The Comfort & Harmony Mombo is both a nursing pillow and infant positioner in one. The pillow has a 2-sided construction called the “Firm2Soft” that serves the two purposes.

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The firm side of the pillow supports mommy’s back during nursing and elevates baby in a comfortable position. The pillow’s soft side functions as a lounger and cradles baby. There’s even an optional soothing vibration feature.

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For the Mombo, choose nude (no cover), standard, or deluxe. There’s one with taggies on it to give your baby a little extra fun to play with! There are plenty of pillow cover colors and patterns available for purchase, so you can choose one to fit your style or have extras on hand for wash day. 

The pillow measures 21.2 x 16.7 x 5.5 inches and weighs a sturdy 2.7 lbs. For the vibration feature, 1C batteries are needed and must be purchased separately.

You can find the Mombo and other products designed by Comfort & Harmony at your local Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us stores or online. They also sell cart covers, one of which we own. I use the shopping cart cover all the time at Target and the grocery store! It’s padded and has loops to hang toys and pockets at the back (out of Baby J’s reach) for me to put my sunglasses, wallet, etc. Comfort & Harmony also has portable swings and bouncers/rockers, so take a look and see if there’s something you like!

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Boobs are for sex! Not babies

I’ve been watching the Delaware mall breastfeeding controversy since it started. I actually follow all the breastfeeding stories that make it to regional or national news. I nurse my son in public often and have yet to be given a dirty look let alone a derogatory comment, but obviously some women are not as fortunate. I do use a burp cloth usually as a cover or a jacket now that it’s cold. I wonder if that helps? I haven’t used a nursing cover since my son was a couple months old. My big diaper bag was just too much to drag around, so I consolidated to a large purse with just the essentials. Personally, I think the nursing cover draws more attention to what you’re doing. It’s large and screams, “I’m breastfeeding my child!” to everyone. If you’re trying to be discreet, that may not be the best option.

But maybe you don’t want to be discreet? After all…the view of breasts in American culture (and other Western countries) is completely jacked up. The prudish cultural views about BFding in the U.S. needs to change! I would love to see a woman nursing in public daily when I go out!

You know what I really hate? The idea that a nursing mom should go into a family restroom or public restroom to nurse her child! Would you eat your lunch in a smelly public restroom? I wouldn’t! So why should my child?

There is an exception for me. There’s a Macy’s in a mall near here that has a mother’s room attached to the public restroom. You walk through the restroom to get there. But there are no disgusting TOILETS in the actual mother’s room…just couches, lamps, a sink, and a large change table. That’s fine. I’ll nurse in a room like that if it’s available. My son does get distracted if we’re in a public area and there’s a lot going on, so I’m fine with nursing in private if it’s an appropriate area. Restrooms are not appropriate!

I just don’t understand why people view nursing as “disgusting,” “sick,” or “gross.” Hello?! What do you think breasts were made for??? That’s where the real issue lies. We have this view that breasts are sexual objects. That’s why they’re dressed in lace, photographed, magnified beyond life, and pinned up on advertisement posts on buildings, shopping mall walls, etc. That’s not offensive. But attach a baby to it, and all heck breaks loose!

I know, they look like eyeballs. I'm not an artist.
I know; they look like eyeballs. I’m not an artist.


Sorry, men, but breasts were not made for you! So get over it! Otherwise, why does milk build up in them and leak out of them after a woman gives birth, even if she doesn’t want to breastfeed? Animals nurse their young from breasts…but we’re not supposed to?? It’s natural to breastfeed.

This is where ignorant idiots say things like, “It’s natural to fart.” or “It’s natural to urinate.” Really?! You’re going to equate defecating, urinating, and flatuating to feeding a baby the best food of his or her life?

Breastfeeding is undisputedly best for infants. I’m not saying formula is bad…it isn’t. But breastmilk is better. It’s better for moms too! It lowers the incidence of disease and health complications in both babies and moms.

For more on the benefits of breastfeeding, please peruse these pages:

The CDC reports that 75 percent of moms start out breastfeeding in the U.S., but only 13 percent…THIRTEEN…are still exclusively breastfed at six months! We need to have a culture that encourages and expects breastfeeding as the norm. As long as American mothers are ridiculed and treated like social pariahs for nursing their children in public, this will never happen!

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I’ve been slacking

My goal is to post every day, but yesterday I was just too tired to finish my post before bed. I was trying to go to bed early, but of course Mr. Stinky Pants sensed that, and it took me 2 hours to get him to sleep. Oh well! The bright side is that he slept two 4-hour periods in a row! That’s really good for him! AND we went to Walmart last night, so I picked up my favorite Starbucks iced coffee packets. Mmmmm. I’ve had one today so far, and I think I’m gonna have another. They’re just so delicious.


Here are a few things I’ve run across today (so far):

  1. Zulily.com has nursing apparel on sale. I picked up a long sleeve nursing top for the fall for about $26, including shipping. That’s still cheaper than Motherhood Maternity (online, at least), and I think this one’s cuter.
  2. Houswife Mama has a blogger opp coming up for $1 a link. Blogger opps are a great way to get your blog name out their and bring in readers. If you sign up…consider putting me down as your referral, because that would be really nice of you. =D
  3. This is gross.
  4. It’s almost Women’s Equality Day. As a Soldier, this list is awesome to see.
  5. The Knotted Pineapple is now on Facebook. Their custom products are adorable, and you have the chance to win one right here next month!!
  6. The blogger opp on Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog is still open for sign ups. It’s free!

I’ll be posting a list of newborn and preemie cloth diapers a little later today, so stay tuned!

Note: If you’re a Justin Bieber fan, and I’ve offended you…oh well.

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