CLOSED Giveaway: International Babywearing Week ($733 of prizes, eight winners)

I’m very excited to announce a huge giveaway event! It’s International Babywearing Week, and eight fantastic baby carriers are being given away! There will be eight lucky winners, and hopefully you’ll be one of them!

This event is hosted by Happy Mothering, Eco-Crazy Mom and Green Moms Media. Sponsors are Onya Baby, Boba, Quirky Baby, Catbird Baby, ERGObaby, Snuggly Baby, Lil Peeper Keepers, and Dinker & Giggles.

Read below to see the carriers our wonderful babywearing sponsors will be providing to our lucky winners:


Onya Baby Carrier {$149 value; US/CAN entries}

The Onya Baby Carrier is the only babywearing option that allows you to wear your baby not only on your front and back – but also enables you to convert nearly any adult chair into a safe seat for your baby! It can be used with children up to 45 pounds. Read Happy Mothering’s review here.

Kozy Carrier Mei Tai, sponsored by QuirkyBaby {$89 value; US entries}

The Kozy mei tai carrier features a breast cancer awareness pattern in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This versatile two-shoulder baby carrier works for newborns through toddlers and has flexible and adjustable shoulder and waist straps that fit most wearers. Read Happy Mothering’s review here.

Ergobaby Organic Lattice Carrier {$145 value; US/CAN entries}

Ergo Organic CarrierOrganic. Ethical. Ergonomic. The Ergobaby Organic Carrier has all the advantages of the Ergobaby Original Carrier, crafted with soft 100% certified organic cotton twill and sateen. The carrier has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to comfortably distribute baby’s weight between your shoulders and hips. The carrier holds and cradles your baby just the way you do, with your baby’s legs properly supported in a natural sitting position.

Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carrier {$89 value; US/CAN entries}

The Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carrier features a beautifully simple design, with no buckles, straps or wrapping required. It has wide padded straps, a small hood and can be used with babies from 8 to 40 pounds in multiple carrying positions. Read Happy Mothering’s review here.

Snuggy Baby Wrap {$56.00 value; US entries}

Snuggy Baby CarrierSnuggy Baby wraps have everything that you could want in a baby wrap; comfort, support, and style. This baby carrier is completely adjustable so one size fits all. It works between various care givers of all body types. Because you create a custom fit every time you tie it on, the wrap grows with your child, ensuring that they get a comfortable secure fit from the time that they come home until you are ready to stop carrying them (generally around 35 lbs. or 3 years). The decorative panel lets you avoid having the same old boring solid wrap that you see everywhere else, and there are many designs to choose from!

Boba 3G Carrier (Value $120-$125; US entries}

Boba Baby CarrierThe Boba Carrier 3G is designed for babies and toddlers alike (7-45 lbs.) with many incredible features not seen on other soft structured baby carriers. Available in 4 beautiful patterns and 3 stunning solid color combinations, the Boba Carrier 3G is the perfect option for any baby wearing family! This carrier is made from 100% cotton, comfortably fits heights 5’0” – 6’3”, and has a waistband range of 25” – 58”. Features include front and back carry options, an adjustable sleeping hood, easy adjustments for easier fit & breastfeeding, removable foot straps, adjustable chest straps, multiple pockets for on the go storage, and more!

Lil Peeper Keepers Woven Wrap {$35.00 value; US entries}

Lil Peeper KeepersLil Peeper Keepers woven wraps lend needed support far past the snuggly newborn stage, all the way up to the heavy chunker toddler stage! Because of this, woven wraps are the logical choice for a wrap that will work from newborn to toddler. These wraps are ideal for year round use as they are made from very lightweight cotton gauze, offering great comfort for both mom (or dad) and baby. Length: 5.75- 6 yards, Width: 22-25 inches, Fabric content: 100% cotton, Edge: Rolled hem. Many gorgeous colors to choose from!

Moby Wrap, Sponsored by Dinker & Giggles {$44.95 value; US entries}

The Moby Wrap is a versatile, 100% cotton babywearing option that uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. This carrier is being sponsored by Dinker & Giggles, a blog about raising kids naturally, with giggles. Read Alaina’s post about the Moby Wrap here.

Are you ready for your chance to win one of these amazing baby carriers in celebration of International Babywearing Week? Simply complete the Rafflecopter form below. The more entries you complete, the more chances you’ll have to win!
Please note: you’ll see this giveaway posted on a number of blogs. Please only enter on one blog. Thanks and good luck!


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This contest will run through October 14, 2012 at 9:01 pm PST (October 15, 2012 at 12:01 am EST). The winners will be chosen the following day and announced on Happy Mothering, Eco-Crazy Mom and the participating blogs once winners have been confirmed. US/CAN entries welcome (each sponsor has individual country requirements). Must be 18 years or older to win. The sponsors provided us with free samples of these products to review or compensation, and we were under no obligation to review them if we so chose. Nor were we under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Happy Mothering and not to Facebook. Please note that Happy Mothering, Eco-Crazy Moms, Green Moms Media, My Life: A Work in Progress,  the International Babywearing Week Giveaway Event and other participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation they will fulfill their prize and in a timely manner. We will contact the sponsor regarding your prize(s). The sponsors, in most cases, are shipping their items to you directly. We will make every effort to assist you obtaining your prize. If there is an issue with a sponsor, please notify the blog you won a prize from within 4-6 weeks for assistance, after that we may be unable to assist you.

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Review: Pocket Diaper from The Bumtique

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of WAHMs (working-at-home-moms). As a mother myself, I enjoy supporting other moms, and as an American, I do prefer to buy American-made if possible. When I came across The Bumtique, Angela was testing out a new diaper pattern, based on customer feedback. I purchased a “tester” diaper.

If you’re not familiar with “testers,” diaper manufacturers will often sell a new design (a tester) at a discount in exchange for the customer’s honest assessments. This is a great way to try new brands.

Angela started sewing cloth diapers for her second child after deciding to live more healthy and more frugally. She quit smoking after 15 years, and sewing diapers became an outlet for her anxiety and stress.

Click on the photos to enlarge
Crossover tabs and snaps for small babies

For my tester, I received a one-size pocket diaper with a hidden PUL layer and a tie-dye blue cotton on the outermost layer. The inside layer (against my son’s skin) is made with a 100% polyester stay-dry fabric, to keep moisture off his skin.

The diaper has snaps on the front of the diaper, allowing the rise to be adjusted to four different settings. The crossover snaps along the waist can be used to adjust the diaper to fit a very small baby. The size adjustability means this diaper will fit most babies from 10-35 lbs., a great money saver.

This diaper did not come with an insert, as Angela was not making them at the time. I was able to use microfiber inserts from other pocket diapers in my stash, without any issues.

I’ve used this diaper for a couple of months, washing about every other day. It’s holding up without any issues. I haven’t had any issues with staining either. Once I had to sun the diaper for a couple of hours, but the stain sun-bleached out quite easily.

5 months- 18 pounds

I’m also able to get a good fit on my son, both through the waist and the rise. I wish I’d been able to get a good photo of the leg elastic around his legs (he was just too squirmy), but it does fit nicely without gaps. I’ve had no trouble with any kind of leakage either. Baby J still has plenty of room to grow.

I wash this diaper with the rest of my stash, and then usually hang it to dry in the sun. I really don’t have any complaints about this diaper. It does the job, and it was a great price.

The Bumtique has prints available that, frankly, I haven’t seen elsewhere. Angela’s most popular print is the ’80s “Rainbow Brite” print. She also sells diapers in He-Man, TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Transformers, Raggedy Ann & Andy, and a Mario print. She has a Star Wars words print that the sci-fi nerd inside me is absolutely loving! To see a list of available prints, click here.

Currently, custom pocket diapers and AI2 diapers retail for $15 at The Bumtique, which is a great price for these nostalgic prints!

The Bumtique sells pocket diapers, all-in-two diapers, fitted diapers, newborn-size diapers, and inserts. Babylegs are also available. The store has free shipping every Friday as well as a referral program. Visit here to see a list of discounts and specials. “Like” The Bumtique on Facebook to keep abreast of store stockings, new prints, specials, etc.

Note: I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own and may differ from that of others.

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Review: Cloth Wipes and Ruby Moon Wipe Bits

*Updated Dec. 27, 2012

When I decided to cloth diaper, it seemed a no-brainer to use cloth wipes as well. In fact, I’m surprised when I occasionally hear of cloth diapering parents still using disposable wipes. After using, cloth wipes can be dropped straight into the diaper pail or wet bag along with the diapers, and then washed and dried together. Simple and inexpensive, no?

When I started, I wasn’t sure what kind of wipes solution I wanted to use. Some parents use plain water. Some parents buy pre-made wipes solution, and others make their own. Zany Zebra Designs has put together a great list of Cloth Wipe Solution Recipes. Reading some of the “natural” ingredients listed in wipe solution recipes, I was hesitant about choosing one. Even some natural ingredients can cause cloth diapers to repel moisture instead of absorbing. When in doubt, contact the manufacturers of your cloth diapers and ask them. Some babies can also develop a rash from the ingredients you use.

Initially, I used a simple solution of water with some witch hazel. My son never had a rash with it, but I also didn’t think I was getting him clean. After looking around online, I decided to try Ruby Moon’s Wipe Bits.

When I first opened this package, the wipe bits smelled so delicious, I wanted to rub them all over my body. No joke. I actually go into the laundry room throughout the day, just to smell them.

Hubby, on the other hand, does not like the smell of these, so it just shows that everyone has different tastes.

These wipe bits are made with goat’s milk soap and fragrance, and are easy to use. Drop 1 bit into 1 cup of hot water. I usually just pop a coffee mug filled with water into the microwave for a couple of minutes. If you do this, be warned…coffee mugs can be messy to pour. I learned this. Also be careful to not handle the solution while it’s still hot! I also learned this.

1 wipe bit to 1 cup of water

Once the wipe bit has dissolved, you’ll want to go ahead and pour the solution into your case while it’s still a little warm. If you wait too long, the soap will congeal, and you’ll have to heat the water again. If it looks like the soap is clumping together on the bottom, stick a spoon in and stir.

Some parents put their solution in spray bottles and use dry wipes with it. They can just spray the dry cloth or spray their baby’s bum. This is usually what I do for on the go (with a travel-size spritz bottle), but you can also just stick already wet wipes into a travel wipes case. I now wet wipes ahead of time and place into a travel wipes case. I found this to be easier when cleaning up messes on the go.

For at home, I place about 20 cloth wipes in our wipes warmer and pour the wipe bits solution over the wipes.

The first time I did this, I poured the solution just on top. Eventually, the solution did saturate the wipes all the way down to the bottom layers in the warmer, but they were never as wet as the top wipes. Since then, I split the wipes in half while adding solution. I pour half the solution over the bottom half of the wipes. Then I place the rest of the dry wipes on top of the wet ones and pour the rest of the solution over the top.

Every couple of days, in between adding new wipes and solution to the warmer, I flip the top of the warmer up and let it dry completely. This is to ensure I have no issues with bacteria growing in the warmer.

All the above may sound like a lot of work, but, honestly, it doesn’t take me long at all to do.

I was concerned at first that my son would be too soapy and that the wipe bits solution would leave a residue on his skin or irritate it, but this hasn’t happened. The wipe bits do a wonderful job of cleaning him; he always smells clean afterwards, even after his messiest messes! I’ve never felt residue on his skin left from these wipe bits. If you do feel that these bits are too strong, you can always add more water than 1 cup.

He’s never had irritation either, and I even use these wipes to clean his face! Now that’s not to say that your child may not experience sensitivities to these wipe bits. Unfortunately, every child is different in this aspect, but these bits are certainly gentler than disposable wipes.

Don’t use cloth wipes for diapering? You can still use wipe bits for wiping faces, washing hands, etc.

Want to give them a shot? Unfortunately, last time I checked Ruby Moon’s Web site, it looked like they were out of their wipe bits, but you can find them at the Cloth Diaper Outlet, $6.95 for a 5 oz. package.

Want to make your own solution? Visit Zany Zebra Designs’ recipe list here.

Note: This post contains affiliate link. I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own.

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