Nervous about tonight!

It’s my hubby’s command Christmas party. That’s not why I’m nervous. I’m nervous, because the longest I’ve been away from my son is 6 hours. Since the party is held at a hotel, we decided to book a room, and my MIL will be watching our son all night. She’s more than capable of watching him (that’s not why I’m worried). I guess I’m just worried he’s going to have a meltdown and stress her out. I don’t want her to be stressed out! She says she’ll be fine though, so I’m just going to have to put it out of my mind and enjoy our night away! Baby J is 7 months old now and really enjoying solids. My MIL and I picked out a bunch of baby food at the grocery store last night, besides what I already have made for him. We bought some stuff with sugar in them, which I try to avoid and definitely don’t include in his homemade food. But he loves sweet things (of course, breast milk is sweet), and hopefully these treats will help pacify him if he gets upset.

The thing I’m really nervous about is that I won’t be here to nurse him. He nurses right before bed, then three more times in the night before getting up for the day. I’ve been working on pumping for almost two weeks, but my supply is almost completely supply and demand right now. I have almost nothing extra, so I was barely able to come up with four bottles worth of milk. I’m already nervous about that, and then I was just preparing the bottles a little while ago…I pulled out the milk I had frozen a few days ago and mixed a little cereal in with it. I thought maybe the cereal would make him sleep longer. Anyway, I tasted it to see if the cereal made it taste weird. Long story short, I discovered my stored milk tastes SOAPY, because I most likely have a lipase excess. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down the fat in the breast milk. The fat is what makes the milk tastes yummy. Now I used to give my son pumped milk a couple times a week, and he always drank it. I’m assuming I always had this problem? So I THINK he’ll be okay with it tonight, but I’m also nervous that he won’t.

Ahhhh I’m so stressed about this! Anyway, I should probably go start curling my hair. I haven’t fixed my hair beyond blow drying it in so long, that I’m out of practice. It’ll take me a while to do, I’m sure.

Have a great night!

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