Home repairs- what the stats say


As a military family, we move every few years. One thing my husband I haven’t completely agreed on is whether or not it’s a good idea for us to purchase a home instead of renting. Hubby sees it as an investment. I do also, but I like that when something breaks in our rental unit, we can call maintenance and have it fixed quickly without worrying about the price tag. The taxes, upkeep, and maintenance for home owners seems daunting to me, and apparently I’m not the only one. Many Americans have faced economic hardships and dwindled savings over the last few years. This has to be affecting home owners and those thinking of buying.

A good option, of course, is to do as many home repairs ourselves, as possible. I’m not very handy with tools and maintenance, but fortunately Hubby is! I’ve been impressed watching talented friends and family of mine not only repair things in their homes, but literally build walls and install cabinets and tiles on their own!

What DIY home repairs or renovating have you accomplished?

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