Review: Fitted cloth diaper by Boody’s Bottoms #MerryFluffyXmas

Amanda, the work-at-home-mom (WAHM) at Boody’s Bottoms,¬†sent me one of her cloth diapers to test and share my experiences with you.

Big Baby fitted diaper by Boody's Bottoms- Learn more on My Life: A Work in Progress

A mother of four, including 7-month old twins, Amanda was looking for something to do that she was passionate about after being laid off from her job. As a result, she started making diapers and blankets for her kids.

“This quickly grew to be a passion of mine. I take the highest level of pride in my diapers and blankets. I love taking on a challenge whether it be looking for a specific fabric or creating something unique.

Every thing is made in my home in Pueblo, Colorado. I alone cut, pin, sew, snap, and package the diapers.” -Amanda

At Boody’s Bottoms, you can find two sizes of diapers- the traditional hybrid fitted and a “big baby” diaper.

I received the big baby diaper, which is sized for babies 15 to more than 40 lbs. The waist can be adjusted by using the row of snaps to make the diaper more snug or looser.

The diaper is made of a very, very soft cotton knit in a “galaxy” print. I loved both the print and how squishy this diaper is!

The main soaker of this diaper is made of both hemp and bamboo fleece. These fabrics are covered with a coordinating cotton velour. When folded as it is in the below photo, the insert makes six layers of absorbency.

In case you have a heavy wetter, the additional lay-in soaker is made of a bamboo and poly fleece combination.

Baby J was just a little over 22 lbs. at his 18 months appointment (a few weeks ago), so he’s not chunky at all for his age. As you can see, the diaper is big on him. The traditional hybrid fitted would probably fit him better right now.

The bulkiness of the big baby diaper¬†means the diaper is very¬†absorbent, and it works perfectly as a nighttime diaper. Because of the size though, it’s not the easiest diaper for him to run around in during the day.¬†I think it’s probably perfect for chunky or older babies.

I did notice that the snaps weren’t placed completely evenly across the top of the diaper. Also, the stitching around the “Boody’s Bottoms” tag is also uneven.¬†These are both¬†aesthetic issues that don’t affect the functionality of the diaper. Having made a few cloth diapers myself, I would guess the thickness of the diaper makes it difficult to topstitch and apply snaps evenly.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the absorbency and how cute this diaper is! Because it’s not completely waterproof, I have to check Baby J for dampness if¬†I’m not using a cover.¬†I definitely use a¬†waterproof diaper cover at night or during longer periods during the day.

You can check out Boody’s Bottoms HERE ¬†to learn more and see what prints are available.

Note- I was not compensated for this post, but received a complimentary cloth diaper to review. The opinions stated above are my own and may differ from yours.

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Review: Smitten fitted cloth diaper

I received a Smitten fitted cloth diaper to review.

 photo 9a3453d8-1400-4102-8aa0-ebefb856fdf0_zps30ec1e40.jpg


Smitten fitted cloth diapers by RearZ are made with soft, absorbent velour cotton and certified bright, organic dyes. This diaper is not waterproof and needs a diaper cover.

 photo 9fb3fc0d-bf0c-4223-a742-1b5a41951508_zps784a7765.jpg
 photo 1b711026-b727-479c-aaca-03d11c85564c_zpsd5ef6df5.jpg

The pocket opening and tongue design allows for faster drying time, and gives you a designated spot for a night-time booster. Just pull the tongue out before putting the diaper in the wash.

(Confession time, I actually leave the tongue in until it’s time to put it in the dryer. If it starts getting stinky, I’ll have to pull it out before the wash.)

 photo 60f76370-f576-4f60-9461-be802e1efb6d_zpsbbafd322.jpg

These diapers are available with snaps or oversized velcro closures. The snaps and velcro closures both cross over, in order to fit snuggly on skinny babies. Smitten fitted cloth diapers can be purchased in four sizes: small (7-15lbs), medium (14-28lbs), large (29-40lbs), and extra large (40+lbs).

Stock Photo: Smitten Fitted Cloth Diapers
Stock Photo: Smitten Fitted Cloth Diapers

Purchase a five pack of Smitten fitted cloth diapers for just $69.99. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, and brown.

Our Experiences:

Well, you already saw my laundry confession above! This diaper is easy to wash. It does take a couple cycles in the dryer on hot to dry, but that’s normal for Baby J’s fitted diapers. Since it’s a natural fabric -cotton- it did take several wash and dry cycles for this diaper to reach its full absorbency. When Baby J uses this diaper at night, I add a doubler for extra absorbency. That probably wouldn’t be necessary for a younger child or light wetter.

The diaper is a little narrower in the middle¬†than some of Baby J’s fitted diapers. That’s nice to reduce some of that night-time diaper booty bulk. On the other hand, the narrowness made it difficult for me to place a doubler inside the pocket. I ended up just placing it on top of the diaper. It was also difficult to stuff the tongue back into the diaper after laundering, because my hand couldn’t fit all the way into the pocket. I couldn’t get the very end smoothed out, which was frustrating. Maybe with future designs, RearZ will take that into consideration and widen the diaper a little.

I do love how soft this diaper is. I know it has to be comfortable for Baby J to wear, which is always my primary concern.

It’s also plenty absorbent. I would say that with one doubler, it holds up as well as our bamboo fitted diapers at night. I also use a doubler with them, so it really is the same. But the difference is in the price. The Smitten diaper works out to around $13 to $14, whereas our bamboo diapers cost $20-30 each. The Smitten only comes in packs of 5, but it’s very reasonable, in my opinion. Even if you only use fitted diapers at night, you’ll still want several. We started with just two “overnight” diapers for Baby J, because I thought I’d rotate them and wash every other day. Then he’d soil them right before bed or in bed, and I’d have to change him into the spare. Or I would miss a wash day, because I was too busy. So we added on until we had five or six diapers suitable for night-time use.

Here are some photos of Baby J wearing his. He’s almost 17 months in these photos. At 16 months he was 21 1/2 lbs and 80cm long. He’s wearing a medium, and at this rate, it’ll probably fit my skinny boy until he’s potty trained!

 photo null_zps2743a92b.jpg
 photo 7585e7c2-d3a1-4cff-9ae7-f7cccd54cef4_zps92bba773.jpg
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Note: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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