Poop Day

Today is poop day for my son. You see, he no longer does one or two little poops every day. Now he saves up his poop for a couple of days, and then poops it all out like Niagara Falls on Ex-lax three or four times in one day. Since he’s cloth diapered, sunning his diapers has become my favorite way to get any stains out. Don’t know what sunning diapers is? I’ll post an explanation tomorrow along with photos of the process and results. It’s not just for cloth diapers either!

Several items came in the mail today that I’m very excited over. I mean, who doesn’t love getting their purchases in the mail! Free stuff would be better, of course. But this still made me happy.

My Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent- Warm Vanilla Sugar arrived. It’s cloth diaper safe and made without phosphates, enzymes, or brighteners. I’ve been using Rockin Green detergent from Diaper Junction for my diapers and have no complaints, but I’m always wanting to try new things.

I also received Ruby Moon wipe bits. They’re basically tiny little soaps made out of goat’s milk that can be dissolved to make your own solution for cloth wipes. When I opened the bag of this stuff and smelled it, I wanted to rub it all over my body. It smelled that good! After I check out how well they work with wipes, I’ll write a review.

Annnnd a diaper I’d ordered from Amazon arrived. It’s for nighttime diapering: Bummis Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Diaper, Size 2 (9-35 Pounds). It’s made with a bamboo blend, making it more absorbent than regular cotton. This makes the 4th diaper we have that we intend to use specifically for nighttime diapering. It’s in the wash, prepping right now, woot woot! 🙂

Diaper Junction has a deal going on now through Sept. 3 of free shipping for orders $19 or more. No coupon necessary! They also have a great Stash Cash program. Basically, you get points back for items you purchase. You can redeem the points for stash cash and purchase from their site. I redeemed points today and got a FuzziBunz pocket diaper for 6 bucks! That’s a great deal! And of course I received points for making that order.

We really, really need to buy new D batteries. The swing we borrowed from my sister in law takes D batteries, and for the longest time it was the only place my son would nap other than on top of my chest. He loves it, but he’s so big now that the batteries seem to die a lot quicker. It takes so much energy for the swing to move him! Anyway, I can see the power light flickering, which means it’s getting close to dying. I only hope it lasts until we get to the store!

Confession time: I really didn’t get that much done today. I’m not feeling well. First it was a stomach ache, and now it’s queasiness (no, I’m not pregnant). I just feel kind of bummed in general. So that was my excuse to not do much. It’s okay for once in a while to not work your bum off trying to be Super Mom, right?

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Looks like rain…again…

It rained all day yesterday, which was unfortunate for me, since it was diaper wash day. I ended up having to dry everything in the dryer. It’s a waste of electricity. Stupid nature. Don’t you want me to help save you!?

So I told Hubby last night: “Guess what!? I’ve lost weight!” 

Hubby: “Good for you, Babe! That’s awesome!”

Me: “Do I look skinnier?”

loooong pause. awkward look from my husband.

Hubby: “I don’t know.”

Me: “What do you mean, you don’t know?!”

Hubby: “So do you want me to start paying attention to how you look?”


It’s come to that. *sigh*

I still have about 20 pounds to go until I hit my pre-baby weight. Well, it’s probably less than 20, because my boobs are bigger. That has to count for something, right? My pre-baby weight isn’t my ideal weight though. My dream is to have the post-basic training body I once had. I never understood how some girls went through boot camp and looked virtually the same. One girl even gained weight…in all the wrong places. By the time I finished all my Army training (I’m including AIT here, where I learned my Army military occupational speciality [it’s just a fancy word for a job]), I had nice, ripped abs and could pump out a decent number of pushups for a woman. I’m not going to share the number here. I’m just going to say it was a decent number, okay? Probably more than you can do! Unless you’re a dude, or built like a dude. The reality is I will probably never get back to that fitness level. There’s no way I have time to hit the gym for hours every day.

In other news, I had an argument with a friend about cloth diapers last night. I’m going to write a post convincing him, and other unbelievers, that cloth is awesome! I’m actually a little offended (just mildly), that he thinks I can’t come up with any decent arguments. Obviously he hasn’t read any of my articles. *humph* I’m a decent journalist. I’m actually award-winning, and my articles and photography have appeared in many high-profile places and outlets. But I’m not going to brag. I never brag. Well, almost never. I brag to my friends. But I’m not one of those people who posts every military ribbon or award photo to Facebook. Even though I could. I’m pretty sure the number of awards I have blows any of my peers out of the water. “Oh, you just got THAT award? Good for you. I have two.” I’d have to either kill 30 bad guys or drag 30 good guys out of a burning building to get another award. Okay, that was bragging.

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