The Turon- a delicious but unhealthy way to package an otherwise healthy banana for consumption

We always have bananas in our household. But sometimes we don’t eat them quickly enough before they get overripe. There are three ways I use up our bananas when they start getting to that point: I chop them up and freeze them for smoothies; I make banana bread, pudding, or muffins; and I make turons (or banana lumpia as some people call them).

My husband is Filipino, and my mother in law taught me how to make turons, a very simple but fantastic Filipino banana treat. It’s not healthy; I’m warning you now. But since it has fruit in it, you might be able to enjoy their deliciousness in a state of calorie-denial.

To get started you need several bananas, egg roll wrappers, brown sugar, and oil for the frying pan.

Cut the bananas into fours, and then dip each into the brown sugar before rolling. Start in the corner of the egg roll wrapper and roll diagonally.

After you’ve rolled the banana all the way up, tuck the corners underneath.

I have to admit, my turons don’t look that great. My MIL’s always look fantastic. Hers are perfectly proportioned and smooth. I think mine might look better if I’d used larger bananas here, or if I’d cut the wrappers in half. But mine at least taste good, and that’s what’s important, right?

While rolling your turons, pour some oil into a frying pan, and heat it up. I usually turn mine to medium heat on the stove top. Please be very careful when doing this. Obviously working with hot oil can be hazardous! I use tongs to place the turons into the pan and take them back out again, after they’re fried.

When the turons have started turning light brown, carefully flip them over, using tongs to do so. After both sides have been browned, place them in a paper-towel lined pan to soak up the oil. After they’ve cooled, enjoy!

FYI- that first bite might be a juicy one, so have the napkins ready!

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This is delicious! Make it! Eat it!

UPDATE 11/19/13- Nicole Elizabeth will be launching a new website soon, after which I’ll update this post! In the meantime, visit the new The Fresh Kitchen Facebook page!

I’ve been following my friend’s cooking blog, thefreshkitchen, where she takes ingredients we may not usually think about and turns them into delicious meals. I love that her meals are simple enough for even me! One day, I might even impress Hubby, hahah! Also, I like to make our own bread, but Hubby and I almost never eat an entire loaf before it goes bad. Panzanella gives me another healthy option to keep our homemade bread from going to waste. You can view the original post here.

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Banana muffins of deliciousness

Banana muffins of deliciousness

I feel somewhat accomplished today. I made muffins! From overripe bananas! This IS an accomplishment when you realize that I’m constantly thinking, “Oh, those bananas are getting ripe. I should make something with them before they’re DEAD.” And then the next day, “Oh, those bananas are getting ripe. I should make something with them before they’re DEAD.” *repeat three times* This time I actually made something with them before they were dead! I also finally used the home made chicken stock I had in a delicious soup for lunch. None of my meat was thawed except for hot dogs. So that’s what went into the soup. That’s okay. Whatever works, right?

I also did diaper laundry. And I folded some clothes. I emptied the trash. See? I was very productive! Oh, and I showered. That’s important.

I need to go work on some more laundry, but I’m going to try to tackle that sewing project again tonight. Maybe I’ll give hubby the manual, and see if he can understand it??? He does lots of technical stuff at work, so maybe he can speak technicalese better than I can.

That is all. For now.

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