Sleep training…again

When my son turned 5 months, I started orienting him to his crib and his own room. Some days went better than others. Eventually, he and I both slept longer being away from each other. My husband snores, and I wake up often. I also go to bed late. All of that combined, Baby J woke up often when co-sleeping with us. Thanksgiving rolled around, and we had guests staying with us for a few weeks…all the way until the New Year. The guest bed is in Baby J’s room, so he co-slept with us.

Tomorrow I’ll start orienting him to the crib all over again. Through my previous experience and through a book I’ve been reading, The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Foreword by William Sears, M.D. (Pantley),
I’ll be doing it differently this time. I’m going to co-sleep with him in the guest bed for several days, then start moving him to his crib in the night, while I continue to sleep in his room. We’ll also implement a strict bedtime and wind-down routine. We kind of got away from that during the holidays and being out of town this last week.

baby sleeping
Baby J napping in his swing.

I’m a little scared of these next couple of weeks, because I know it’ll be rough…but in the end, we’ll all sleep better, so it’ll be worth it. I also have to start getting him to nap during the day without his swing, but I think I’ll save that one for after we get him used to the crib.

I’d love some advice to make this process smoother. Do you have any no-cry tips for me?

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  1. It would help to have a rocking chair, while listening to soft music. But let’s think of how we can fit one in his room. We’ll talk about it later!

  2. Having 4, nothing worked entirely well. Since then I have read and heard a lot about putting them in their crib and sitting right beside the crib in a chair rubbing his back or whatever he likes (my oldest loved having his forehead and the side of it rubbed.) Then the parent leaves first after they are asleep, then while they are dosing off up until you leave right after putting him into bed although I believe he is to young for this now that I’ve typed it all. Lol

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