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As a child, I used to suffer from what my mother called “growing pains” in my legs. They were painful enough that I couldn’t sleep at night, so Mom would give me her hot water bottle to soothe the pain. I think she’d gotten that thing at the hospital when she gave birth to my little brother, so it was really old. The heat helped my muscle aches, but the hot water bottle smelled strongly of rubber, even after years of use. It was almost unbearable.

Well, hot water bottles have improved tremendously since then! To review, Warm Tradition sent me one of their hot water bottles, along with a fleece cover to go over it. These hot water bottles are BPA-free thermoplastic and manufactured in Germany under strict conditions. The majority of the covers are made in the USA and marked as such. Covers are available in soft fabrics like fleece, velour, flannel, knit, and more. The hot water bottles come in different shapes too.

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For the last few years I’ve been using electric heating pads, but they’re not ideal. I’ve never been happy with the idea of falling asleep with an electric pad plugged into the wall; it just doesn’t seem safe. I’ve been filling my water bottle with hot water from the tub faucet, and that works fine. I think you’re supposed to take the cover off to fill the bottle, maybe, but I don’t. The cover I have is fleece, which is resistant to water. So if I spill a little water on the top while I fill the bottle, the water pools off the cover, instead of saturating it.

Warm Tradition hot water bottle on My Life: A Work in Progress

The first time I used my hot water bottle was the night after an eight-mile run, and my legs were a bit sore (not used to it yet). At first I thought the bottle wasn’t hot enough to actually help with my muscle pain, but as I was finally falling asleep, I realized that my leg pain had dissipated. I was very warm and relaxed! I’ve been using my hot water bottle almost every night in the last two weeks, even if I don’t have any pains. The bottle keeps my bed toasty these cold winter nights, and it’s great for menstrual cramps.

Warm Tradition also sells heat packs and a hot water bottle fill stand (which looks pretty cool). Warm Tradition has an adorable Cuddly Lion hot water bottle (only $14.95!) that I’m purchasing for Baby J. It’ll help keep him warm in his crib at night this winter. Baby J loves plush animals, so I know he’ll love this lion and want to snuggle it!

Visit Warm Tradition today to see the hundreds of styles available. Stay tuned for a giveaway later this week!

Which is your favorite style?

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  1. That one on the top left is hilarious!

    I never thought about it before, but I’ll bet a hot water bottle would be a great thing to take camping. Obviously, it wouldn’t stay warm all night, but it would take the chill off when you first crawl into your sleeping bag.

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