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One of my favorite parts about blogging is being a Nûby mom blogger. As a member of their program, they’ve sent me fun, useful products to try out and share my experiences with. My latest review is on the Nûby Bottle Drying Rack.

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Nûby’s pre-assembled Bottle Drying Rack holds eight bottles along with nipples, rings, discs, and caps. But the drying rack can be used with more than just bottles. It also works with different shapes and sizes of training cups and pacifiers. The pegs fold out of the rack and then lock into place. When you’re finished drying your bottles, fold the pegs back in. They’ll fold flat which is perfect for storage. The reservoir design holds in excess water, creating less mess for you.

A Nûby bottle and nipple brush is also included with this drying rack set. There’s a loop at the top of the bottle brush, making it easy to hang where you like. The nipple brush is stored inside the ventilated handle of the bottle brush. Just pull it out when you’re ready to use. Both brushes feature durable nylon bristles, but the bottle brush also has a sponge tip to clean those difficult to reach areas. The rack can lie horizontally or sit up vertically.

Our Experiences:

Baby J is finally doing awesome with his sippy cups, so I’ve moved all his bottles into storage. That doesn’t mean the drying rack is going to waste! I use it to dry parts for sippy cups, teething toys, and even small jars and containers I use for homemade baby food. Actually, I’ve even put spoons on there. Yup. If it fits, the drying rack is where it goes.
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I use it to dry hand washed items, but I also use it for things I put through the dishwasher. To save money, we sometimes turn the dishwasher’s heated dry cycle off, which means all my dishes are still wet afterwards. Even if I use the heated dry, many of the sippy cups or spouts tend to hold a little moisture. I want them dry before they go into the cupboard, so I’ll move the cups to the drying rack for a day. I usually have the drying rack standing vertically, and I’ve never had an issue with it falling over, even when it’s not against the wall.

Here’s a tip: to save even more space, don’t lock the pegs in place and leave the drying rack standing vertically. Just fold the pegs down until you feel resistance, without locking them. That’s usually how I do it.

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Find the Nûby Bottle Drying Rack at Amazon, Ideal Baby, and BabyHaven. Prices vary (pssst check out Ideal Baby).

For updates on new Nûby products, follow them on their social media accounts. They just opened a “Sip Sip Hooray” giveaway today!

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  1. We had this one when our girls were babies – LOVED it! It was even great for sippy cups and washing all those little rubber pieces inside of those!

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