Review: Nuby Bedlite Buddies

Nuby sent me another fun product to review! The Bedlite Buddy is an adorable addition to Baby J’s growing collection of stuffed toy animals. As my sister-in-law says, the “Boy loves plush!”

Nuby Bedlite Buddies

About and Our Experiences:

When hugged, Bedlite Buddies sing and their faces light up. According to Nuby, “They like to go to bed on time and get tucked-in.” Sounds to me like a good way to encourage the bedtime routine. 🙂

Not only does Baby J like plush, but he’s also a chatterbox. Lately, I’ve started to affectionately call Baby J “blabbermouth.” He talks and sings to his little buddy as it plays music…so cute!

Nuby Bedlite Buddies Collage

These toys have a soft body with a hidden music box, accessible in the back through a velcro-type opening. The face is made as one piece of BPA-free plastic, so there are no eyeballs, etc., that can fall off and be a choking hazard. However, Nuby does warn that children under three should always be supervised with Bedlite Buddies or any type of stuffed animal.

Baby J’s buddy plays about 30 seconds each of the following songs: “Hush, Little Baby;” “Rock-a-bye Baby;” Pachelbel’s “Canon in D;” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star;” Brahms “Lullaby;” and “Frère Jacques.” Basically, you squeeze the tummy, one song plays. Squeeze the tummy again, and you hear the next song. The face lights up with each song, as a built-in nightlight, and shines until the music stops. If you don’t like the music playing at night, you can flip the switch on the music box to just the light.

Bedlite Buddies

Where to buy:
  • Amazon
  • K-Mart
The Scoop:

For updates on new Nûby products, follow them on their social media accounts listed below. They’re giving away a Nuby prize pack and a hundred sippy cups! Check out their Facebook page for more details.

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  1. These little fellas would have been wonderful for my oldest boy when he was little!! Thankfully he is growing out of the whole being scared of the dark. Will definitely look for these at the store I have a baby shower soon 🙂

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