Review: Easy Canvas Prints (coupon codes too!)

I’ve been a fan of canvas art for several years. I like that you can take a family photo (or a picture you’ve snapped of scenery, animals, etc.) and turn it into a professional-looking work of art. We have two canvas prints hanging in our living room right now. Both are photos from our wedding, so we really need to update the walls! So when I heard Easy Canvas Prints was looking for people to review this products, it was a no-brainer to reach out to them.

The folks at Easy Canvas Prints gave me a code for a free 8″x10″ canvas print. The site was easy to navigate. After I chose my size and the standard .75″ wrap, I uploaded my image. Hubby and I consulted together on this one and chose a photo his sister had taken for us last November.

You can access your Facebook or Instagram albums, or just upload from your computer (which I did). The site will even let you know what your image quality is. If it’s poor, you’re probably going to need a different photo. After you upload and place the image, you can adjust it to fit the canvas. This means you can move it around, zoom in, and zoom out.

Next, you choose your border options. These are mirror image, image wrap, and border color. The preview shows exactly how each option will look on your canvas. I chose the border color in black, since that’s the way our other canvases are.

Finally, you have some options for color correction, etc. And you can change the design to black & white or sepia. These do cost extra, so I just kept the basic option ( that would be- do nothing).

I like that you can choose custom sizes, because you may have a particular wall space to fill and need a size that’s not standard.

All in all, the site was easy to use, and I’m pleased with how the canvas turned out. I’d say they live up to their name. Now I just have to decide exactly where I want to put it! What do you think?

Easy Canvas Prints- Review on My Life: A Work in Progress

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What canvas art would you like to see on your walls?

General Disclaimer- Floral

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  1. I’d like a family photo on canvas–we’ve tried about 50 times through the last year to get a good one with no luck–We may have to photoshop a few to get the perfect shot =)

  2. Very pretty! Ever since canvas prints became popular, we’ve actually started getting some of our photos on the walls via canvas. So nice to be able to see them!

  3. I have an Easy Canvas print I won from a giveaway and I love it! I agree that their website was relatively easy to use. Probably one of the easiest I have ever personally used. It looks great!

  4. We are planning on getting a canvas print of a picture that a friend who is a photographer took of our kids. It will look great in our living room!

  5. These are great. I just took a sentence from our wedding song and created a square on picmonkey and sent it to them for a canvas print in Christmas. it now hangs over our bed. He loved it!

  6. I’ve been wanting to get a canvas print for awhile now, the prices have come down so much since they first started getting big, I just need to figure out what photos I’d want and where to put them!

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