Review: Cush ‘n Go by Baby-BeeHaven

Baby-BeeHaven was created by Heather, a working mom of two. While going about her busy life with her daughter, she constantly discovered a lack of baby products designed to make a mother’s job easier. Armed with her concepts, Heather created a product line based from these experiences.

Currently, Baby-BeeHaven products comprise the See ‘n Store, Cush ‘n Go for boys, Cush ‘n Go for girls, Swingin’ Smart, and Dream Feeder.

I had the opportunity to review the Cush ‘n Go for boys, and I loved it!

Photo courtesy of Baby-BeeHaven
Photo courtesy of Baby-BeeHaven

The Cush n’ Go is a reversible stroller cushion, designed to provide comfortable support for babies on the go. Made with memory foam, it conforms to baby’s head shape to help decrease the flat-head syndrome sometimes common in infants. The Cush n’ Go even protects difficult-to-clean stroller seats since it’s machine washable!

Cush 'n Go
Reversible Cush ‘n Go for boys: solid black minky on one side, cute bee print on the other

Our Experiences:

At 13.4″ by 1″ by 29,” the Cush ‘n Go is supposed to work with most strollers and harness systems. I tested this claim with four strollers (in our living room, because it was cold and wet outside- don’t judge me). My tester lineup was a Cosco umbrella stroller, the Baby Trend Euroride stroller, the BOB Ironman jogging stroller, and an Evenflo stroller (not sure what the model is…apparently they don’t make it anymore).

 Cosco umbrella stroller:
Cosco 2

My Findings- Doesn’t fit well. It hangs down in the front and is too short in the back. You could use the cushion with a smaller infant, but older babies and toddlers will have their head up off the pillow.

Baby Trend Euroride stroller:
Euroride 2

My Findings- Great fit! Which is good, since we plan to use this stroller for our day trips, especially when we move to Spain.

BOB Ironman jogging stroller:

My Findings- It didn’t work. I couldn’t figure out a way to get the harness apart to thread through the cushion. Now, if I’m wrong, and the BOB Ironman harness is removable, please let me know!

Evenflo stroller:
Evenflo 2

My findings- Great fit!


To determine how well the Cush ‘n Go washes, I smeared it with apple sauce and some mushy Cheerios- yummy.

Dirty cushionI washed it on gentle with warm water and then dried in the dryer on low. I put it through two dryer cycles to make sure it was completely dry, because I’m paranoid about that (ever since I had a mildew issue with a particular cloth diaper). Afterwards, it was completely clean and looked great- no issues!

Overall conclusion:

The Cush n’ Go is compatible for the average strollers and harness systems that parents will probably use most often. I wish we had the Cush ‘n Go on our recent day trip to D.C. It was quite cold that day. We used a blanket underneath my son, but I think this cushion would have kept him warmer and definitely more comfortable. If you use a stroller for walks or trips to the park, zoo, the mall, museums, and any other expeditions, I definitely recommend the Cush ‘n Go. I’m working on re-transitioning (long story) Baby J to his crib, and in the process, I’m co-sleeping with him in our very hard, uncomfortable spare bed. The first night, he was tossing and turning. I grabbed the Cush ‘n Go and laid it under him, and he went right to sleep. It really is very comfy for him! Did I mention I love this cushion? 😉

To learn more about the Cush ‘n Go and their other innovative products, visit them at You can also visit Baby-BeeHaven on Facebook to hear their latest news.

Note: I received a complimentary Cush n’ Go for Boys from Baby-BeeHaven to review and was not compensated for this post. I was not asked to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own and may differ from opinions of others.

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  1. This is so cute. I need one of these. It looks so easy to assemble. It also looks so comfy! I have three kids and my oldest to are 3 and 4. They are at the I don’t want to go in the stroller age. When I’m not baby wearing this would come in handy!

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