Putting ideas into practice…

THAT is something I really need to do. I have great ideas a lot, or I think they’re great, anyway. (HUMOR ME) But my to-do list gets longer and longer, and I never seem to get caught up. I go through spurts of motivation and then plummet down to the pits of stretchy pants, cereal, and daytime television. It’s sad, I know. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, because I don’t feel sad. I just don’t feel like doing anything. Apathetic, I guess. Anyway, tomorrow’s coming soon, and it will be a new day. Maybe it will be the day I get motivated. Here are some of the things that I’ve been planning on doing for a while but haven’t gotten around to yet:

  1. Sewing reusable shopping bags for family and friends
  2. Sewing an iPad carrying case for myself
  3. Using the many pieces of fabric I’ve purchased for cloth diapers to sew actual cloth diapers
  4. Finish my son’s Halloween costume……………………………………….from last year
  5. Blog about the refrigerator pickles that I made (tastes awesome!)
  6. Blog about the delicious kale chips I made
  7. Making a teeth guard for the crib rails
  8. Sewing a Cuddle Newborn Towel (that’s not actually the name I came up with…I can’t remember the name I coined now, but it’ll probably hit me in about 20 minutes when I’m lying in bed, and then I won’t be able to sleep until I write it down)
  9. Writing several cloth diaper related blog posts like “My Laundry Routine,” “Traveling with Cloth Diapers,” and the “Bambino Miosolo.”
  10. Fold ALL the clean laundry- ALL of it
  11. Finishing my son’s birth story now that he’s 10 1/2 months, and I’m beginning to forget things.
  12. Get Baby J used to goat’s milk and start cutting back on our 15 billion, okay, maybe 8 nursing sessions a day.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m forgetting at the moment. How do YOU get motivated?


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  1. That’s a good question… Not really sure what motivates me to get things done. I think it used to be knowing that the more things pile up, the harder it is to even make a dent in the list, and then also knowing that I quickly get annoyed with myself when I don’t do what needs doing. Now, it’s just more of a habit that most days I don’t sit down until at least nap time, and sometimes not even then, because otherwise I’ll get distracted from what I need to do. So… I guess my motivation to do things is fear of what my workload will be like if I don’t keep up with stuff? Yeah, that sounds about right.

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