“In Defense of Eating at Chick-fil-A”



“I don’t care how my dry cleaner votes. I just want to know if he/she can press my Oxfords without burning my sleeves.” Excellent point in general. His argument can be used in so many instances. We’re surrounded by people who have different values and beliefs. If we start refusing to associate with them…we’ll probably end up alone living in a hut in the woods somewhere. I was just talking to J about China yesterday. People can say, “Buy American,” but the truth is that little available is American-made, and it usually costs more than I can afford to pay. Do I refuse to buy anything from China? That’s ridiculous.


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A good morning so far!

Last night it was difficult to get baby J to sleep and keep him sleep. Part of the problem is my husband’s snoring. It’s dreadful, and it keeps waking the baby up. As much as I love co-sleeping and believe it’s generally beneficial, I’m starting to think my son will sleep better in his own room, in his own crib. So my goal this week is to get the boxes unpacked in the 2nd bedroom, so J can put up the crib. As tired as I was, I made sure I got baby J up by 8am this morning. I think I’ve been letting him sleep too late, and that’s why he’s having trouble getting to bed at a decent hour at night. His internal clock is off. I also put him in his swing about 30 minutes ago, and he’s having his long nap now instead of this afternoon. I hope that will help too. We’ll see!

So far this morning, I ate breakfast, did the dishes and scrubbed the shower, tub, and sink in hubby’s bathroom. That may not sound like a lot, but it is for me these days! After I finish typing this, I’m going to pop in the shower before baby wakes up, then get cracking at that article. The magazine editors were asking me today how many words each section is going to be, etc. (it’s an online magazine for the 143d ESC, so they have flexibility on the number of pages they do each month), so they can plan the layout. Uhm…I don’t know? I need to get 3/4 of it finished today at least, so I can tell them. I only have 3 more interviews left, and one’s today. That means I could potentially have most of it finished today. I’ve already started the conclusion. I write articles very backwards. I do the conclusion before the middle a lot of times. I have all these disjointed sections that I tie together.

The ravioli last night was a success! In hindsight, I should’ve had a veggie. I’m concerned about making healthy, home-cooked meals for hubby and I (no Hamburger Helper or frozen dinners in this house!), but I keep forgetting to put veggies out. I like to do a one-pot type of meal, and that way I can add veggies into it. I have to admit…I’m not a fan of salad. Alas, it’s too important to my diet for me to avoid!

Last night, I had some fun on Ebay. I actually haven’t been on Ebay in years, but I thought I’d check out the fluff (that’s CLOTH DIAPERS for you CD virgins), and see if there were any deals. I bought a one size Kawaii cover. It was the cheapest price I could find (the shipping was either free or really low. I forget which). I also bought a Babyland pocket. Babyland diapers appear to be another questionable Chinese brand…or at least manufacturer. I’m not sure if it’s the same manufacturer that does Alva’s or not. I guess I’ll find out when they all get here! Anyway, it was only $2.99 with free shipping, so heck…it’s cheaper than my weekly latte from Starbucks, so why not? I also bid and won on two used Mama’s Simple Solutions diaper covers. I couldn’t find out a lot about this brand on the Web, but they appear to be made by a WAHM. I was very comfortable with the price I paid and the shipping costs, so I’m optimistic I’ll be happy with these covers, considering the price I paid. I’m compiling a list of diaper brands and the average costs of their diapers. When I finally get it together, I’ll post it here. I have 35 brands on my list so far, but I actually still have to add some of the mainstream ones: gDiapers, Fuzzi Bunz, that sort of thing.

I’ll end this post with an adorable picture of my chubby-cheeked, big-headed baldy:


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Who screws up cooking breakfast food??? I do…

I’ve been remiss in my blog posts. Two days ago I posted too much and then yesterday…nothing. Or maybe it was three days ago, and nothing the last two? Anyway, I have white wine reducing on the stovetop right now for a delicious sauce for ravioli…hubby’s dinner request. The next 2 days of dinner I also have planned out: corn chowder and chicken parmesan meatloaf. I hope they turn out better than Friday night’s breakfast dinner. You may wonder who can screw up cooking breakfast food. The answer- I can. I bought this buckwheat pancake mix from the grocery store instead of the white flour kind, because I wanted to make semi-healthy breakfast for myself and J. Friday night I used it for the second time as dinner. They looked freaking weird! I’m attaching a photo as proof. It’s sad that I can’t even make a pancake properly. I’m hoping this ravioli turns out better than the pancakes… more to follow

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