Review: Nuby Sure Grip Bowl and Feeding Spoons

I have another fun, useful Nûby product to share with you today! I was sent the Nûby Sure Grip Bowl and a pack of Nûby’s Feeding Spoons to review.

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Made of BPA-free polypropylene, the Nûby Sure Grip Bowl is tough and break resistant. The ergonomic design allows it to fit in either hand comfortably, left or right. A perfect size for baby foods, the bottom features a non-skid base.

Find the Nûby Sure Grip bowl at BuyBabyDirect and Amazon.

The Nûby Feeding Spoons are designed to make mealtimes easier for parents. These BPA-free spoons have a long handle, perfect for reaching into tall baby jars, so there’s less mess. The decorations on the handle make it easier to grip the spoon securely.

Find the Nûby Feeding Spoons at BuyBabyDirectAmazon, IdealBaby, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning.

Our Experiences:

This bowl is great! It really does have an ergonomic design. It’s very comfortable to hold in either hand. One end of the bowl is a little higher than the other end. This is a bonus when it’s filled with runny foods or purees. When you hold a bowl in your hand, it’s not natural to hold the bowl flat. It’s more comfortable to have the bowl tilted. If I hold the Sure Grip Bowl with the higher end toward me, nothing falls out even though the bowl is tilted back. The higher end levels it out.

I also really like the spoons. I don’t buy jarred baby food a lot; I make my own and reuse the jars that I do have. The spoon does keep the mess off my hands, because the handles are quite long. I’ve also found them to work well when filling reusable squeeze pouches. Again, it makes the process less messy. They’re very sturdy too. The directions say top-rack safe in the dishwasher, but I’ve washed them in the utensil basket on the bottom of the dishwasher, and they were fine.

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Yes, Baby J is trying to pour water out of his sippy cup into his oatmeal surprise. Fortunately, it’s a no spill Nuby Grip N’ Sip Cup so his efforts were in vain!

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  1. Wonderful stuff! I’m really glad that Jeremiah gets to enjoy the experience of having all these nice new inventions! You are blessed, Jeremiah!

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