It’s almost Election Day!

Annnnd I finally decided who I’m going to vote for about 2 hours ago. None of the candidates have all of what I’m looking for, so it was a struggle for me to decide. I don’t vote based on parties, you see, although I think I am a registered Republican. Or maybe I’m Independent? Not sure. Anyway, I vote based on the candidates, their policies and proposals.

My voting precinct is only about a block away, so that’s good. But I’m not positive of the best time of day to go. I looked it up online, and election officials recommend voting between 10am and 4pm. I hope they’re right. I plan to get there around 10, and I’ll have the baby with me. If I have to wait for hours, it’ll be a nightmare. BABY MELTDOWN.

I was really convicted in church yesterday. As a follower of Christ, I should never say derogatory things about our leaders, but instead should pray for them.

I’ve challenged myself to have a positive outlook on this election, no matter the outcome. As I’ve said, I’m not thrilled with the choices, but no matter who wins…I’m going to pray for him. I will not say negative, spiteful things, even if provoked by others.

Will you be voting tomorrow? Will you join me in having a positive attitude no matter the outcome of this Presidential Election?

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