I despise DTS and update on my upcoming travels

If you know what the Defense Travel System is, you’re military or a DOD employee. There’s also a 99.9% chance that you share my feelings toward DTS. In the near future, I’ll be traveling to complete two weeks of annual training for my Army Reserve unit. Before I leave, I have to fill out online forms regarding the trip and then wait for the forms to be approved. I’ve spent almost all of today and a fair amount of yesterday trying to input information. The system is completely counterintuitive, but the worst part is that it takes two or three minutes for every single page to load. Every so often, I get kicked off and have to log back in. That alone takes at least five minutes each time. If the forms don’t get kicked back to me for any changes, it should be approved soon. Then some of this weight on my shoulders will lift!

I had been dreading these two weeks, because I’ve never been away from Baby J longer than a night (once). I know; it’s just two weeks. I also realize that plenty of dual-military couples do this, but that’s exactly why I’m not planning on staying in. I’m not willing to be away from my son and any future children, especially when their father is underway or deployed. By the way, my opinion is not a negative commentary on dual-military couples. I’m not judging you at all! We all have different circumstances and needs.

Anyway, I’m at the point that I’m looking forward to leaving, even though that means being away from Baby J. The sooner I’m gone; the sooner I can do my job; and then the sooner I can get home.

I plan to keep up with reviews while I’m gone. I’ll have most evenings off as well as Internet access. Since I won’t have toddler distractions or have to worry about housework, etc., maybe I can even get ahead! Obviously, I’m taking my laptop with, as well as a few review products. There are several that I’m ready to write-up right now; I just need the time.

So that’s what’s up with me right now. As soon as I get off here, I need to tackle some laundry, packing, leaving emergency numbers for my MIL, etc.

How is your week?

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