10% off diaper code, etc.

Did you follow School of Cloth on Twitter tonight? If not, you missed a great time! At the end of the session, quite a few cloth diaper stores posted discount codes for orders. I’ll retweet them in a minute, so look me up on Twitter @emegburg Remember you can buy things other than cloth diapers at some of these stores, so if you’re not into cloth diapering, but you’re into babies…I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

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Fluff mail!!! Who’s excited? I am!

I got fluff mail tonight! Granted, it was only one diaper 🙁 But I’m still excited! I’m hoping to have enough diapers to start full-time cloth diapering Baby J by the end of next month. I’m waiting on a few more diapers that should be here in the next 2 weeks. I didn’t want to go all out until I’ve tried a few brands first. So tonight’s CD was a Thirstie’s Duo Fab Fitted diaper. I already have a Thirstie’s Duo Wrap cover that I’ve used prefolds with. I didn’t realize the fitted diaper came with a pocket to add an insert, and I’m very excited about that. My LO isn’t a heavy wetter, but a little more protection is always good. I have a newborn size insert that came with my Blueberry’s pocket diaper, and I think that’ll fit nicely into the fitted. The only thing I’m not excited about regarding the fitted diaper is that it’s plain old white. I think one of the fun parts of cloth diapering is the awesome colors and prints! But the white fitted was on sale on Amazon, so yeah…

I also got my bottle of BacOut, which I’ve heard great things about, and a pack of 100 liners from Bumkins. I plan to use the liners in case he has a rash, so I can use some of the diaper cream we already have. Down the road, I may buy diaper rash cream appropriate for CDs, but I was taken aback by the price. They’re kind of expensive for a small tube or jar, I thought!

Anyway, baby’s dozing in the swing. Hubby’s picking up some goodies for a deployment care package to a friend. I’m going to see if I can knock out a few more paragraphs on this article I’m working on.

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