Catching up after a stomach bug

Baby J and I are finally home. We were house sitting/baby sitting several days for friends that had a family emergency out of town. All of us ended up coming down with a bug. Based on the symptoms, I’m assuming it was a strain of norovirus. I had another couple helping me on and off, until they became ill as well. It was a rough, messy couple of days but over quickly, fortunately.

Now it’s time to catch up… on everything! Laundry, cleaning, blogging, etc. I have cookies in the oven right now, and I think the rest of today is just going to be a chill day for Baby J and I, but I’ll still try to get a little done too. Oh, and I have a respiratory thing going on now too. It’s just that time of year, right?

How has your weekend gone?

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  1. Sorry to hear you all have been sick.
    We enjoyed our week end. We done absolutely nothing. Just took a nice break from everything.

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