Review: Shower gel, bath crystals, body butter and more from Honeycat Cosmetics

Vegetarian and cat-lover Terry created Honeycat Cosmetics to bring bath and body treats to the “wild Honeycat lurking inside all us gals!” As a cat lover myself (my friends insist I’m going to be the typical “old cat lady”), I immediately wanted to share this little shop with other women.

Terry sent me six products to review: the Frisky Kitty Bath Time Fizzy, Sweet Kit-Tea Body Butter, Honey & Buttermilk Body Cream, Vanilla Butter Cream Grooming Bar, the Chick of the Sea Foaming Bath Crystals, and the Cat-Tails for Two Grand Marnier and Apricot Shower Gel.

Frisky Kitty Bath Time Fizzy

I love bath bombs! I have a bucket full of them in the bathroom. Although I rarely have time for an actual bath anymore, when I do, I love using bath bombs to make my skin soft and the water smell amazing. A hot soak is especially nice after a long run or workout! Made with ingredients like oatmeal and goat’s milk, the Frisky Kitty Bath Time Fizzy made my skin feel incredibly smooth both in the tub and afterwards. The bath bomb also has bits of lavender in it that float around in the tub while you’re soaking. The floral scent wasn’t overpowering, but I could still smell it on my skin (very faintly) when my bath was over. The only negative of this bath bomb is that you’ll have bits of lavender stuck to the sides of the tub afterwards!

Sweet Kit-Tea Body Butter

I have mixed feelings about the body butter. The smell was pleasant, but the body butter was a little oily. Since the ingredients use seven different oils plus water, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. On the other hand, it wasn’t that much work to rub in. When I put it on my legs, it just took a couple of swipes, and my legs were shiny, but they didn’t have that white coating you get from lotion (until you rub it in really well, anyway). I also felt that it moisturized better than the body cream.

Honey & Buttermilk Body Cream

As I mentioned above, the body cream didn’t moisturize as well as the body butter, but I preferred the creamy texture. It did take a while to rub in, but I didn’t feel greasy at all. I really liked the smell of the body cream! I think it might be the sweet almond oils.

Vanilla Butter Cream Grooming Bar

I also loved the smell of this product. It had a light tropical scent to it (like coconut). My skin was soft after using it, and still had a light scent after showering.

Chick of the Sea Foaming Bath Crystals

These crystals smell like chocolate, raspberry, and mint. Really! Mmmmm… Like the bath fizzy, the crystals left my skin soft and lightly scented. My favorite part was the bubbles! Although I preferred the floral scent of the bath fizzy to the chocolate scent of the crystals…I loved the bubbles of the crystals. So overall, I liked the crystals more than the bath fizzy.

Cat-Tails for Two Grand Marnier and Apricot Shower Gel

I only used the shower gel once, because I knew what was going to happen. Every shower gel I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried dozens over the years) gives me contact dermatitis. Sure enough, right after I used the shower gel, I ended up with little red dots on my chest and neck. I’ll have to pass it on to a friend who can get use out of it. 🙁

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  1. What a fun company concept! I’d be curious to try the body butter — between this third trimester stretching and the weather I could sure use something moisturizing for my skin!

    1. Hi Bibiana, I do occasionally have giveaways open to Canada or world wide, but since most of my readers are located in the States, those are the brands and companies the blog attracts.

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