The newest Glow Bug cloth diapers: 360 degree gussets

Last summer, Glow Bug sent me one of their cloth diapers to review. I liked it, but didn’t love it, because of a couple of things. Well, a few months later, I ordered two of their new prints through a diaper co-op and found out Glow Bug had redone their diaper. They’d obviously listened to parents and made changes based on those critiques. At the time, I thought Glow Bug had taken a good diaper and made it great, for the same price.

So when I heard that Glow Bug was changing their design again, I was a little confused. What could they possibly do to make them better? Well, this newest design has 360° gussets to keep messes in the center of the diaper. Honestly, Baby J has never had poo leak out the front or back of a cloth diaper, so I’m not sure that gussets all the way around are necessary, but they’re definitely nice around the legs.

If you’re curious about the new design, you can check it out through the banners and links below. They’re my affiliate links, so if you purchase from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers through here, I will receive a small commission.

What do you think? Would 360° gussets be helpful to you?


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